AoC bashing, LoTRO update, ISK talk.

Ah Friday sweetness.

Heartless and Rick over at /random both commented on a Massively report about AoC and it’s troubles with its much-hyped endgame PvP. It would seem that massive amounts of high details characters letting off fancy spell effects all in one place cause lag. Odd right? And the solution? Turn off the fancy stuff, reduce the visibility of said masses, and /pray. Oh, and point out that while it’s a known issue, it really only effects those fools who, god forbid, played the game too much and leveled too fast. Everyone who goes at the desired pace Funcom set ‘should’ be fine. Looks like Funcom has some PR positions open, someone should apply, soon.

In functional game news, Aria and I are just about finished with the Lone Lands in LoTRO. I know some people hate the zone, but I personally really enjoyed it. The theme, a barren landscape with old ruins (ok, so every zone in LoTRO has old ruins, but whatever they look sweet) and a long road running down the middle just works for me, plus Weathertop looks fantastic. We are on the final part of Book 2, and really looking forward to getting a group and finishing it up. After that, it’s back to the North Downs and maybe some early Evendim action.

In EVE-land (space?), I’m building up my bank account running missions with my combat pilot. The long time off really increased his power due to all the skill gain, and I’m having a much easier time with all the missions. Once that bank account is good and healthy, it’s going to be PvP time. Really, really looking forward to that.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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13 Responses to AoC bashing, LoTRO update, ISK talk.

  1. Rick says:

    That was one of my favorite spots in my limited time in LoTRO. Weathertop really was just fantastic. You guys are finishing up right about where I quit and moved on to other games. A shame I didn’t get the lifetime membership, I’d come join you…but I’m all distracted by WAR and TF2 at the moment :)

    Oh, and for the record, I’m not trying to bash Funcom! I’m not surprised that all the Conan Supermodels didn’t perform well when everyone tried to attack the same objective, but I’m not calling them teh suk or anything. And Funcom’s had big problems that they fixed fairly quickly in the past (I’m thinking about the “miracle patch” Tobold mentioned shortly after the game launched), so maybe they’ll figure it out and get it working. We’ll see!

  2. Thallian says:

    I like the lone-lands too. Dunno why some peoples hate it so much. The new swift travel really helps out too. Make sure to explore GA when you are a bit bigger. Its fun, but also a challenging maze, and the end boss is OP’d

  3. syncaine says:

    I still think the ‘miracle’ patch was code that was all set to go at launch. Pre-miracle the game was unplayable for many. I could release alpha code, patch it a week later, and call it a miracle too. My interest in AoC is purely sideline anyway, so it’s not like any of this is first hand, but hard to ignore when so many sources write in such a convincing manner, and especially when Funcom themselves come out and address the issue.

    DIAF with your ‘I’m playing WAR’ crap, you lucky bastard. LET ME IN ALREADY MYTHIC!!!

  4. Yeebo says:

    Did you do the quest chain from the ranger that leads to the battle on weathertop with the trolls?

    That is an epic battle, and should not be missed.

  5. syncaine says:

    Yup completed that chain. The end, with the troll, is indeed very epic. Great weather effects during the whole climb as well.

    As for GA, I’ve done it before, but certainly looking forward to it again. For some hard-to-explain reason I really love all of the instanced content I’ve seen so far in LoTRO, especially coming from WoW. WoW making every single little encounter seem like a world-saving event got tiring after 70 levels, and LoTRO’s more low-key setting is a nice change of pace.

  6. sid67 says:

    The thing about AoC is that some bloggers (most notably, Heartless) have made up their mind about the game and are joyfully looking for any bad news to justify that opinion. I’ve read enough about it to know I’m not interested, but the active criticism is a bit over the top. I’m not saying the criticism is wrong, just that it’s a bit unwarranted to seek out bad news about a game you don’t play anymore just so that you can tell people it sucks.

  7. Keen says:

    What about those of us who gave constructive criticism and ended up disliking the game but were met with extreme abuse from the trolling community? I’m not going to lie for one second; I’m sitting back smiling as I watch everything I said be proven correct and those who once insulted me, ridiculed me, and told me to get lost are no longer playing the game or finally admitting that maybe things weren’t all perfect in Hyboria.

  8. Rog says:

    @sid67: This is exactly my take on it. Nothing wrong with opinions, but the “XX will ownz XX” stuff is pointless.

    @Keen: While I think beta + leveling in release to what.. lvl 36? is perfectly cool to make your own educated opinion and post about it… follow ups lack credibility if you’re not actively playing a game. It’s kinda like watching the first half of a movie and critiquing the end. I don’t agree with much of the troll abuse, because generally you’re honest enough to just state you prefer a different game. But the “I’m not surprised” and “proven correct” pride prediction stuff is not becoming of you.

  9. Rog says:

    On the actual content, I still think there’s a different story between what the norm is for the MMORPG market and what makes for a sensationalist blog & news post.

    I can confidently say that the only smooth launches I’ve witnessed have been ones where the Endgame was an afterthought. I don’t know, maybe that’s the wise method: holding the Endgame back for later content releases. I think MMORPGs do need to collect their audience first, otherwise they endanger catering to the rush-then-switch-games crowd instead of their real playerbase.

    I do not expect to ever see a game launch with a robust Endgame, not until the paradigm for leveling and Endgame itself gets challenged.

    I do know that if you’re loving the game, it’s easy to gloss over the errors. In contrast, if it’s not your thing, the errors will be all you ever see. The troubles start when each side takes up fanboi positions accordingly.

  10. mbp says:

    Another fan of the Lone Lands here. It was about that stage of the game when I started doing group quests. One of the things I really liked about the middle portion of Lotro was the quest chains with a sequence of solo quests leading up to a harder fellowship quest with nice rewards. I found it it really trained people into grouping and I pugged a lot of it with no bad experiences.

  11. mbp says:

    PS Syncaine where are you flying in EVE? I would guess you are a Minnie, given your stated love of PVP and all.

  12. syncaine says:

    Caldari, in Ghesis currently (old corp location) Need to figure out where to relocate soon though.

  13. Talyn says:

    AoC’s primary ‘miracle patch’ was the Thursday prior to launch, roughly… 2 days prior I think. The first one of the day, over 1GB in size was the main miracle, then another one a few hours later, also nearly 1GB improved things a bit more. But that was strictly a ‘miracle’ in terms of performance; they’ve yet to actually implement the patch that makes it FUN…

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