Redsox: Cataclysm

I don’t normally do this, given that this is mostly an MMO blog, but what happened last night in Baseball was stunning, historic, and gut-wrenching. This piece by Tom Verducci sums it up well.

As a resident of the City of Champions, last night was bittersweet. On the one hand, our team blew it in amazing fashion, and for the second straight year there will be no postseason. On the other hand, this year’s team was just so unlikable. All first-round, overpaid babies who expected to just make it, and when it came time to man up and win, they folded like cheap lawn chairs.

It will be a bloodbath in the offseason.

(Self-pat for the blog title)

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12 Responses to Redsox: Cataclysm

  1. Bronte says:

    I second that pat.

  2. saucelah says:

    As a huge Boston sports fan, I thought I would be more pissed off or depressed today. I guess with the slide taking a whole month I had time to see it coming.

    It would be even easier to write off if the Pats hadn’t lost to the Bills.

    Oh well, hockey starts next week.

  3. Datominator says:

    I feel for you, but am thankful that the Sox will take most of the press away from my Braves’ equally miserable collapse.

  4. Anonymous says:

    >As a resident of the City of Champions, last night was bittersweet.

    You live in Brockton? wow that’s much closer that I thought. I figured you for New York for sure.

  5. car DVD says:

    As a sports fan, I feel very sad .

  6. Wyrm says:

    Is this about that game with big sticks and balls that all the americans go ape about it? You call that fun? Watching a bunch of guys strocking sticks and grabbing balls? :D

    Make it easy for you: come back with the goal celebrations in football (the real one), now that’s gay!

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