Mount and Blade: Stumbling to the finish

I’m now past day 650 in my Mount and Blade PoP game, and I’ve basically won. I control over half the map, only two factions remain, and I have enough lords on my side to dominate. To officially end the game I just have to clean up the other two factions, and the only factor holding me back is time; there is absolutely no chance I can be defeated now.

And it’s pretty boring to be honest.

I’ve reach the point in a sandbox where I’ve become too powerful, and due to the design of M&B, there are no controls in place to curb my power and create a new challenge. Part of me wants to finish the game just for the sake of finishing it, but knowing how long that will actually take (herding lords together for a campaign takes forever, as does keeping the bastards happy-enough to follow me), I doubt it’s going to happen.

I can think of a few ‘quick fixes’ to this problem, such as the remaining factions banding together to fight you, a minor faction taking over a holding and becoming a new power, or simply having the remaining enemies acknowledge your power and accepting defeat, but none of these fix some of the core flaws with the game.

The major issue is how your lords behave and what must be done to keep them happy. For instance, if a lord gets defeated, that’s -1 relation automatically. If you help a lord in combat, that’s +1 relation automatically. But if you fight with a lord in a siege, you only get the +1 relation if you talk to him after, and if you go on a second siege without talking, you still only get +1 when you finally talk. With one lord, it’s not that big a deal, but when you have 5-10 lords per siege, that’s a lot of click-lord-talk-exit-click-lord-talk-exit-etc. Making just this automatic would be very helpful.

Then there is the issue of lords becoming really angry with you (-50 or so), where even if you help them in combat, you don’t get the +1 relation boost. There is basically no way to improve your status, and eventually that lord is going to leave. Not a huge issue by itself when you have dozens of lords, but with dozens of lords you are likely to have multiple -50+ lords, and more and more of them as time goes on.

In my game right now I only have 7-8 lords with high positive relation, and surprise surprise, those are the only lords that show up for campaigns or feasts (both of which help to further raise relations). Basically it’s a downward spiral, and while not game-breaking, does almost defeat the purpose of getting a huge kingdom with lots of lords.

The really ‘game-breaking’ issue is assigning cities/castles/villages to lords. Whenever you do so, you get +10 relations with that lord, and minus 1-5 relation with basically everyone else. The more lords you have, the more crippling it becomes to assign property, yet without property lords can’t fund troops and get better armies. Plus if you hold the holding yourself, you have to garrison the castles/cities and pay for the troops, which after a certain point becomes almost impossible. It makes taking over new territory more of a pain than a bonus eventually, which just feels very backwards. Right now I have 10+ villages without an owner, simply because assigning them to someone would be way too costly in terms of relations. I could see keeping a relations penalty for rival lords, but to have EVERYONE be upset that you are giving holdings out is a little extreme.

I’m hoping PoP 4.0 fixes some of these issues, but this really is a Mount and Blade problem carried over into PoP rather than being native to PoP itself. If lord relations were less harsh, the end-game ‘clean-up’ would be much faster, and ending the game would be far more enjoyable.


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  1. Rebecca says:

    You probably know this, but you didn’t mention it specifically so just in case: If you talk to your lords and ask them who they think the village should go to, then you’ll get positive relations with them when you assign it to that person. It’s a pain in the ass to track down every lord to do it, but it does help the “make one person happy, everyone else angry” side of things.

    • SynCaine says:

      Yup, problem is 90% of the time THEY want it. Once they have a bunch of stuff they will give it to their friends, but it still causes issues.

  2. D506 says:

    I think that’s intentional. Ruling a feudal kingdom is not meant to be easy, and as your power grows and you finally get large enough to flatten all your neighbours you find you can’t do it because you’re having too many problems internally. It’s actually the main control in place for ‘curbing your power and offering new challenges’. Unfortunately, it’s tedious and boring rather than challenging and fun.

    Cheating it may be, but I used a tool to eliminate the relation hit for assigning fiefs and reduce the relation bonus to +2 to offset that a bit.

  3. Bronte says:

    Hahaha, this sounds like the Fallout 3 Syndrome I experienced. I really enjoyed the game. The pause option to blow off limbs was a treat and exploding zombie melons was a genuine thrill. Near the end of the story, I was in full power armor, with alien laser rifles that could melt Chuck Norris.

    I quit before I could finish the game because everything got so boring. Seems to me like you are now going through the same exact thing.

    • SynCaine says:

      Yea the last few hours of Fallout 3 was the same for me, but I finished it because the main storyline was solid.

      • Bronte says:

        Not for me man. I think Red Dead Redemption came out around the same time, and once I rode that horse, there was no going back.

        That didn’t sound right…

  4. Kare says:

    Heya,i just tried M&B sometie ago and a really liked it, but suffered from the same issue, i searched a while and there are a ton of mods. Great mods that up the challenge. One of them is Prophesy of Pendor, its a great mod adds alot of stuff, some new factions, ways to upgrade your character(finding treasures contain gems that can be trated for potions,also used to creat unique Order of Knights((order of falcon,order of dragon.. etc). And some really really tough armies, really tough, Its a great challenge for a great game.

    O and if you do this also download TweakMB, is a little program lets you tweak almost every aspect of the game with a simple user interface.

    Hope it was of any help, and i also hope you enjoy it as much as i did :)

    Prophesy of Pendor:


  5. Rly? says:

    I don’t know if you are trolling or just stupid…

    ” I’m now past day 650 in my Mount and Blade PoP game,”

  6. Jayke says:

    Ok so, maybe nobody will see this, I’m a little late to the party.. (Good ol’ google for finding me these blogs)
    I’ve recently started playing M&B, and although it’s really early days I love it, the combat feels so different and I love the thought of eventually being strong enough to run my own kingdom and lands etc, it;s almost exactly like a game plan I had in my head when I was younger for a game I wanted to play, that sense of freedom to do what you like…

    Anyway, I wanted to comment because I completely agree with what you mean about the clean up, and the example I had in mind was Civilisation 5. Of course there are more than one way of winning, so I always ended up winning by science rather than conquest, because I’d get so strong that destroying the enemy was easy, but time consuming on a larger map, so I found other ways to finish.. It also used to happen in TW Rome eventually.

    It’s a problem lots of games like this have, and I’m not sure there really is a solution.

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