EVE: The panda made me do it

Back online.

Anyone in a solid Corp (PvP/PvE mix) with a spot for one more?

Pilot name: SynCaine

About SynCaine

Former hardcore raider turned casual gamer.
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20 Responses to EVE: The panda made me do it

  1. Delamay says:

    Welcome back!

  2. Delamay says:

    I should have added, I’m glad you’re coming back to EVE. It’s good for the game and CCP. I’d hate if Tobold’s prediction became true.

  3. Stabs says:

    Welcome back. I’m currently corpless, recuperating from my last stint in zero zero. It looks like nullsec will be a little dull until Winter then will explode.

    Don’t forget to check out the new battlecruisers when they come in :)

  4. Mbp says:

    There is the beginning’s of a great story in here: Blizzard saves CCP with cute Pandas.

    I am not sure I buy Tobold’s prediction of doom for Eve in any case. Those guys are survivors.

  5. Random Idiot says:

    Welcome Back.

    I wouldn’t recommend my corp at present as I’m thinking of leaving it.

    You mention PvP/PvE mix, I’m not sure I could recommend any corp as I’ve always separated the two parts and will be heading towards another pure PvP alliance.

    GL, there is plenty to choose from…

  6. bhagpuss says:

    Surprising decision, given your recent Excel comments. I had the impression it was a game you liked only in theory, not in practice. I can’t remember you mentioning actually playing EVE since I’ve been reading HC although I might just have skipped any EVE posts if you were making them a while back since I have a pretty low interest in flying spaceships.

  7. Nils says:

    Were you subscribed to WoW before the pandas ?

  8. I can see this quote plastered across Reddit now…. “the pandas made me do it”

  9. Jaggins says:

    I’m in a very solid smaller nullsec Corp, lots of PVP. We are mostly very high SP (caps/supers), but we can always use welpcanes and dictors. Send an evemail to Jaggins if you want the scoop. If you dislike Goons, look elsewhere. (We are in Clusterfuck coalition.)

  10. Anonymous says:

    Aideron Robotics are a nice bunch, but yeah, I tend to keep my PvE and PvP separate (or rather, I am in a pvp corp but don’t rely on them for PvE support)

  11. spinks says:

    Good luck! And maybe next time EVE announces an expansion, it’ll be more than a graphics demo or a collection of minor improvements.

  12. Rynnik says:

    Check out highsec incursions when you get rolling. Get into BTL or TDF chat and the isk will flow in while you decide what you want to do and which corp you want to do it with.

    Oh, and sign up for an Agony Unleashed PvP class to knock some rust off. /end shameless plug

    • SynCaine says:

      Yea I really want to see incursions.

      Are BTL and TDF the ‘full’ names of the channels?

      • Rynnik says:

        No. Of course not…

        My bad.

        TDF – “The Ditanian Fleet” is the channel for armour

        BTL – “BTL Pub” is the channel for shield

        I chuckle every time I see “x Guard Logi V LFAF @Amarr” or whatever but ignore the PUG pain and make a couple of contacts in the channel and you are home free. It took me one day to get in with a good crew of folks and to save myself the trouble of random PUG issues.

        I personally don’t know why anyone would play EVE to do anything but PvP ;-) , but based on what I think I know about you, a small incursion corp might be a really comfortable home for you. For whatever reason between nullsec folks jump cloning for isk, the content being group focused anyway, and the bears manning up to extra risk you might stand a decent chance of finding a corp that does some PvP as well.

        And the isk is really really good.

        • SynCaine says:

          My rough plan right now is to find a PvE corp, re-learn the game, and once I have a solid bank and know wtf I’m doing, get into null or 0.0.

        • Rynnik says:

          Well there are lots of options out there. Based on my perception of the Sov stagnation it is happy carebear land in most of it anyways. It will be interesting to see how (if) the winter expansion actually impacts any of that meaningfully.

          I see plenty of action in nullsec but I am a small gang NPC 0.0 pilot with no blues. My only advice is don’t chase isk and underestimate your abilities for so long that you get bored and move on again. Rifters are cheap.

          A solid bank won’t take you long either way. I look forward to seeing you in game though, and if you ever swing by Syndicate I will do my best to send you home on the clone express. ;-)

  13. D506 says:

    I’m in The Bastards, a pirate corporation based in low-sec. Full time PVP with a ‘cash-over-killmails’ focus, meaning your pvp will pay for itself. A pretty big benefit if you’re like me and can’t be bothered to grind pve content with an alt or buy isk like most pvp corps expect. Small gang focused.

    The-Bastards.com for details. My char name is Raelyf but I’m out for a week or two with a broken desktop and a laptop which can’t run the game.

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