Forbes says WoW is hardcore

I know poking fun at mass media is easy, but this article is just full of win.

It’s a good thing someone is finally going to expand the MMO market beyond the complex world Warcraft has with all those troll characters played by young male gamers paying ‘hefty’ fees.

While most people unaccustomed to MMOs might be intimidated by complex games like “Warcraft,” Hutter says trends in technology suggest the audience for simple, well-designed games will grow quickly. The runaway success of Nintendo‘s  Wii proved virgin gamers will try new titles if they are easy to play, while the boom in social networks like Facebook suggests people of all ages are looking for new ways to interact online, he says.

Hutter sounds like he definetly understand the MMO market, and I’m sure all those investors will totally see a huge return on their investment. Good luck with that.

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Former hardcore raider turned casual gamer.
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11 Responses to Forbes says WoW is hardcore

  1. Wilhelm2451 says:

    Well, sure, Warcraft, the last I read, was an RTS from 2002 that required thought and strategy and didn’t hold your hand very much at all. The Wii is much more likely to appeal to new gamers if that is the comparison.

  2. syncaine says:

    He is talking about WoW troll!

  3. Wilhelm2451 says:

    I too was making fun of “industry experts” who cannot even use the correct terminology. Being literalistic can make the world more amusing at times.

  4. mbp says:

    I don’t share your cynicism Syncaine. It is easy for us gamers, who consider WoW to be the kindergarden of mmo’s to forget that for the vast majority of folks out there any game that regularly consumes 20+ hours per week is ridiculously hard core. Do you know what the second biggest earning Western style MMO in 1998 was? It was Club Penguin. The price of a hobby becoming mainstream is that it gets diluted and dumbed down and if I were to make a prediction that is where I see mmos going in the future. Sure there will still be a niche for the odd hard core title like Eve or even Darkfall but the big money and the headlines will be earned by cutesy cartoon characters with interchangeable wardrobes.

  5. Stropp says:

    Everything is relative. Compared to Hello Kitty Online, WoW IS hardcore!

    Now Animal Crossing Online, that will be totally hardcore dude!

  6. veksar says:

    I would just like to take a moment and beg that anyone who finds WoW to be too hardcore to…please, please stay far far away from the mmo genre…
    Come on! I’m begging here…

  7. Hirvox says:

    Everything is relative. Compared to Hello Kitty Online, WoW IS hardcore!

    Now Animal Crossing Online, that will be totally hardcore dude!
    Not only that, it will be R-rated.

  8. smakendahed says:

    @veksar: Hardcore or simply hard? Neither one was used in the quote, the writer notes it is “complex”.

    Is it complex?

    It can be to some and might not be to others. It definitely has more to it than X, O, triangle, triangle, square, X. Or even Bowling or Tennis on the Wii.

    You can also further reduce the complexity of the game by using addons (things like Rating Buster, Tankpoints, AEP, HunterHelper, Decursive, Grid, Clique, Healbot…) or by writing macros (which are complex to some people, shocking, I know) to simplify tasks (tough ones like making it so you have to push one button instead of 4-7).

  9. Bonedead says:

    The masses ftl imo

  10. Marchosias says:

    While that article is pretty bad (even sad), the commenter that thought Warhammer and Guild Wars could be categorized as “failures,” is almost as naive as the article. Now if he’d used Tabula Rasa, Asheron’s Call 2, or HGL on his “failed games” list, he might have actually made a valid point.

  11. Swift Voyager says:

    Compared to other investments, like say realestate or the stock market?, maybe an MMO isn’t a bad bet these days.

    From the point of view of the average baby boomer, any video game that requires an install is hardcore. Keep in mind that you’re talking about people who routinely speak of things like “installing the internet on my computer” and “downloading this new program from the DVD onto my computer”

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