EVE: Time for war

As I mentioned earlier today, DiS has been randomly war dec’ed by a 12 pilot Corp that is pretty active. They have a whole bunch of kills in and around Jita, among other places. Later tonight the war officially starts, so this morning I went out and bought a few Merlins and PvP fit them to have something to pewpew in. I’d go for bigger ships, but I’m a complete newb so I’ll start slow.

Little known fact: I’ve never actually killed anyone in EVE. I’ve been killed a few times, but never actually got into a PvP-fit ship and went out to kill someone. I plan to change that.

Of course this being EVE, having the ‘gear’ and the pilot to fly it is less than half the battle. Luckily two of the senior members of DiS are PvP vets, and they have some plans ready. It was actually very reassuring to log in, see the War Dec email, and have my Corp CIO start talking about the fun ahead of us. Very easily the reaction could have been “stay docked for a week”, and you know, that’s pretty lame.

I don’t have a terribly busy weekend coming up (other than Skyrim), so I’m guessing I’ll have something interesting (and hopefully positive) to report Monday.

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11 Responses to EVE: Time for war

  1. Kobeathris says:

    Yeah, I gotta say, I am pretty excited about it, just hope I am able to sign on a lot this weekend.

  2. dsj says:

    Assuming they are JITA farmers you want to make sure and not engage them in systems they frequent … you almost assuredly run into neutral repping and station games… do yourself a favor and look through any killboards they have for any non-corp pilots (especially NPC corp pilots) on their killmails and use your contacts/watchlist to track those players. Most of the time these groups use neutral scouting as well.

  3. imrys says:

    Free weekend in Darkfall, all accounts are being reactivated for free for 3 days with 400% skill gain and massive loot boosts for the weekend, going on right now.

    Not worth mentioning anything about that? Don’t like DF anymore? You were the big Chanpeen of DF following your trip to Greece. Now you don’t have 2 mins to spare a post about it. Do you know something the rest of us don’t?

    • SynCaine says:

      I’m sparing everyone the additional disappointment of building up a character/bank only to have it wiped come 2.0. You’re welcome.

      • imrys says:

        So you know there will be a wipe? That from the devs?

        I can’t subject my psyche to every wipe thread made on Sewerfall, but the ones I have browsed I haven’t seen you weigh in on it. If you have some additional info, please share.. than I’ll thank you.

        • SynCaine says:

          Do I know there will be a wipe? Nope. Does it look like there will be a wipe? Yup. Whether you or anyone else sees things the way I do, well, that’s up to you.

    • Rammstein says:

      I was just wondering why you’re such a dick? If you have any info on that, please share…then I’ll thank you.

  4. Hong WeiLoh says:

    He’s a dick because he plays EVE. Or, perhaps he plays EVE cause he’s a dick. Haven’t quite figured out the correlation-causation factors in that psychosocial equation yet. EVE –> dick or dick —> EVE is a “chicken and egg” brand of question.

    Either way, those dudes in Jita are assholes….shitting on everything. Sure, dicks may fuck pussies, like you guys trashing anonymously, but hopefully in Syn’s case, they’ll also fuck some assholes, too.
    Don’t bring lube to your ops, and good luck. Hisec war is such a shit-show… but if you can fuck them over, please do.

  5. Noizy says:

    Wait a minute! I’ve been on more kill mails than you? You have to do something about that, I have a reputation to uphold.

    Good luck and fly it like you won it.

  6. Dblade says:

    What’s going to be hilarious is Syn is going to see what being decced by a 12 man corp really means-at best, you will see one or two guys camping the Jita pipe hoping to get your transports, and docking up every time anything above his Merlin shows up.Any corp below 30-50 members will barely have anyone on, because they often pad the corps list with inactives and alts.

    And seriously, no kills, you are just now hopping into a T1 frig to PvP, and you boost EVE so much? You’ve been holding it up as a model without even playing it?

  7. marcel mabon says:

    hey its Mcslash can anyone send me some money relly need it plz

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