Quick update

Sorry for the lack of posts of late, been under the weather a bit.

First a quick note about TW Shogun 2; it’s more fun than I initially though. Once I figured most of the systems out, and got the hang of the RTS battles, I’ve found the game as a whole very entertaining. Pulling off a siege defense when massively outnumbered is good stuff.

Things in EVE continue to go well. The Corp is now at 25 pilots, we are very active, and we have a nice mix of people interested in the different aspects of the game. Some are more PvP-oriented, some love industry, and others are trying out things like scanning and WH space. We also have a good spread of activity. While many of us are in EST, we have a few pilots who are on the west coast, and one member from New Zealand (which surprisingly works, even after you factor in the TZ differences).

On the industry side we have collected enough minerals to start producing ships for the Corp. Currently we are offering them at material cost only, and once people have what they need, we will start selling ships on the market for profit.

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6 Responses to Quick update

  1. Gesh says:

    Cool, but beware of the “different aspects of the game” syndrome. When I was playing, I was in a similar corporation and the lack of focus was devastating.

    • Aidan Padecain says:

      Yeah, you have to strike that balance between focus and variety.

      • SynCaine says:

        I figure so long as we are making progress, we are good.

        What’s fun/interesting is trying to mix the aspects. Low-sec for PvP and PI/Indy. Or maybe WH. Scanning trips where we mine or PvE, depending on what we find. That kind of thing. Luckily EVE is so horizontal in content that not only to we have a ton of options, we can dabble in multiple things without ‘gimping’ ourselves.

  2. Telke says:

    There are other NZers out there? Awesome, now I get to play “which of the 30-odd EVE players in NZ is it?”

    • Aidan Padecain says:

      I know there are lots of Aussies…in fact, that seems all we can recruit these days. You start with one, next thing you know, there you are playing with 10 of them in a USTZ corp. For some reason, Eve is a morning activity for those Australians.

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