EVE: The most positive negative thing you will see all day

This is why the EVE economy works.

57 billion ISK destroyed in one fight.

57 billion ISK of ships and fittings ‘crafters’ get to produce and sell.

Neg-sum PvP sure is a huge positive eh?

Some other notes:

491 vs 236 fight (technically impossible, right Blizzard?)

The 236 side won. (Mass PvP is just zerging it up, yo)

A few of the ships flown could be flown by someone who has been playing EVE less than one week. (And many in under a month)

‘Sadly’ no B-list voice acting told the story behind the fight. Blasters were taken to the face, although not from the “giant leap forward” of the fourth pillar.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    These are exactly the types of stories that draw me to Eve. Speaking as a potential newbie, willing to offer any thoughts on race selection? Not looking for the “best” race, so much as one that fits my style. I prefer mid to long-distance attacks vs close range, shooting vs. drones and anticipate a 75/25 pve/pvp split. PvP would likely be small group vs. large scale. Somewhat torn between Amarr, Minmatar and, to a lesser extent, Caldari. Thanks for the thoughts – perhaps I’ll see you in there someday.

    • SynCaine says:

      Race at this point is 95% look. Which race/ship looks cool to you? Basically all of them have good PvE/PvP options, and all can do close or long range, just depends on how you fit your ship.

      Plus if you ever change your mind, and decide that drones really are fun, you can always cross-train on that same pilot.

      Just make yourself look all purdy and start flying :)

    • Raelyf says:

      I’d pick the race with your favourite appearance and/or back story. Your initial has very limited initial and no long term effects.

      I’d probably suggest Caldari as a good race to begin with though for what you’re asking. Any race’s ships will fill all the roles you want, and some will do it better. But Caldari will do it ‘faster’. Long term, you’ll end up cross training other races anyway and most skills are race independent.

      The drake is your friend. It’s incredibly versatile. It’ll do level 1-4 missions and up to c3 wormholes solo without trouble. It’ll do heavy fleet pvp or gate camping with big buffer decent dps fits. It’ll do skirmish style ‘small group vs large fleet’ or solo pvp when speed (nano) fit. It’s heavy missiles leave it’s dps equally effective from 0 to 70kms. And it’ll fill those roles very effectively. Best of all, it’s cheap, insurable and easily replaceable.

    • motstandet says:

      If you like slower brawlers that shoot lasers (and look good), pick Amarr.

      If you like faster, fragile ships that shoot unflashy bullets (and look like garbage), pick Minmatar.

      Rifter, Rupture, and Hurricane (all Minmatar) are often regarded as Best in Class, but that doesn’t mean Amarr ships are useless or don’t experience success. Sentinel, Arbitrator, and Curse are Amarr Electronic warfare boats (some of the best) that slowly strangle their prey.

  2. Ooh, I got the jabber alert about that Tengu fleet. I missed it, of course, because I was at work.

    Every Tengu they lost was worth about a half a billion ISK, while every Maelstrom we lost was about a quarter billion ISK, and every Hurricane about 35 million ISK. A lot of money went away.

    Of course, the dirty little secret of EVE is that all money in the economy comes from PvE , missions and ratting and the like. You cannot remove it from the equation, it is all tied tightly together.

    • Werit says:

      My info may be outdated, but weren’t they probably insured too? I know that doesn’t cover the mods.

      • SynCaine says:

        Insurance doesn’t cover 100% of the ship, especially for non-tier 1 stuff. And out of all those people, I’m sure more than a few forgot to insure their ship.

      • On a Tengu you get about 220 million ISK for platinum insurance payout, less the premium, so losing one puts you down a lot. Those PvP Tengus looked to be just over half a billion ISK when fit. My own ratting Tengu is worth about 750 million ISK, so I keep it as safe as I can. And I don’t have the “optimum” ratting fit, which would push it past a billion.

        On Maels and Hurricanes it is closer to the actual market value of the hull and a tech I fit.

        And I guess you just pointed to an area where money comes into the economy via PvP… but to buy that ship and insurance you need PvE money first.

  3. Oh look says:

    I like that you needed to throw a backhanded jab at TOR even though this has nothing to do with it. You do realize there are people out there that don’t consider what you are describing as fun right? I have more fun with the fourth pillar than I ever would with that.

    • SynCaine says:

      I like Skyrim too man.

      • Adam says:

        I second Oh look’s point. And add that Skyrim isn’t multiplayer. I play TOR because there exists no Internet capable co-op mutliplayer RPG. I played WoW with my buddy until we got though all the content then I canceled my account.

        Really, I just want to be able to play something like Neverwinter Nights 2 with a group of friends over the Internet.

        I don’t plan on ever doing “endgame” content in TOR. (And never did it in WoW either.) It’ll take me 6 months to 1 year to get thought the existing content in TOR at the rate I’m able to play. Then, if they don’t have compelling additional content, I’ll look elsewhere for my gaming fun.

        And I’ve always prefered Disney World to a sandbox. :p

    • Hera says:

      You know Syncaine get’s a hard-on every time he thinks about SWTOR. ;)

  4. Werit says:

    I was curios about the total amount of ISK in Eve. According to this interview in 2007, there was over 80 Trillion isk in the game. Wonder how much there is now.


    • IO says:

      There must be many times more now. There are individual characters around who have >1 trillion ISK.

    • Rast says:

      A lot, I’d say. When syn resubbed to EvE I did too; my corp moved out to nullsec a couple weeks ago and we catch people ratting in faction BS, marauders, and even carriers pretty regularly (http://eve.battleclinic.com/killboard/combat_record.php?type=player&name=Kessiaan). When I took my extended EvE vaction in 2009 such things were a rarity, so I take this as an indication that the average EvE player is a lot wealthier these days. Incursions have certainly increased the flow of ISK in highsec, and upgradable systems in null

  5. Dril says:

    I’d imagine it was bags of joy.

    Being told which ship is primary. Targeting it/them. Locking in. Pressing a couple of buttons. Waiting until its bars go red. Repeating the last action. Claiming victory/defeat and warping away.

    How thrilling.

    I can’t wait for the day something comes along and ousts EVE so that there’ll finally be a well-populated “sandbox” (and I am loathe to use that word to describe EVE) that’s actually engaging.

    • Okay Werit, you hold him down, I’ll open his mouth and see if his tongue is truly in his cheek or not. I suspect it is not at this point.

    • Dril says:

      To quantify: is my comment less publicly acceptable than bashing GW2?

      • Wait. Where did bashing Guild Wars 2 come into this? Now I am confused.

        With GW2 you are bashing something that is only theoretical. With EVE you can verify the relative level of boredom the game achieves for you.

        As for the boring nature of EVE, The Mittani had a good quote on that on the Fly Reckless podcast #67 to the effect that it is the social network you create, and what you accomplish with that network, that makes game interesting. He outright said the game is so boring that if you play it solo, you will quit, and that even if you play as part of a corp, unless you establish a social bond, you will still quit.

        • Dril says:

          Oh, I was just asking because whenever I mention how I don’t love GW2 already I normally get downvoted/flamed/called a troll; I was just wondering, in general terms, if disliking EVE was on par with not liking GW2.

          I know what you’re getting at and I’m well aware that EVE is only fun if you play with a corp; the problem is that I find the corps in EVE inherently meaningless, since there is no *major* idealogical difference between them (yes, game focus and whether to be criminals or not is there as an element, but there are no major factions that represent vying for peace, vying for purely commercial gain etc etc) . All of the alliances, corps etc are just guilds that fight it out. That does not (and did not, when I was playing EVE) interest me, since my fighting is purely for my corp and myself, not for an ideology. As such, whilst it can have minor economic impacts if you lose a wormhole or whatever, it does not alter the balance of power nor change the way the game world actually works. It will be the exact same thing, just with a different name.

          That’s why I dislike EVE, because, as far as I’m concerned (and I know most if not all of the people here will disagree with me) unless there is an *in-character* AND mechanically supported way to change the way the game functions (thus putting power in the hands of the players) I don’t see it as true freedom to build what you want and thus it is meaningless.

          And, when something is meaningless, you have to rely on mechanics and socialising to support the activity. EVE’s gameplay is absolutely abysmal, and having used friends and nothing more to sustain myself for nearly a year in WoW, it simply isn’t enough to make me look past piss-poor underlying gameplay.

          I do not hate EVE. I like it, if only because it does bring more player freedom and worldliness to a genre that sorely lacks both. But I don’t want it to become a model that’s copied, where “sandbox” is a euphemism for territory control and more reliance on players to do an NPC’s work.

          I’ve probably phrased my actual thought process badly, and I do apologise for that :P

        • Quelldrogo says:

          I 2nd Wilhelm on this. Community is everything in EVE.

          The big blob mechanics are as you describe Dril. But that’s the reality of having fights with 500 players on grid. But if they’re grouped tightly, I’d wanna be in the stealth bomber wing… 30 bombers dropping on 50 tengus = sweet sweet tears.

          There’s always a counter if your alliance FCs are on the ball.

        • Rammstein says:

          “Oh, I was just asking because whenever I mention how I don’t love GW2 already I normally get downvoted/flamed/called a troll; I was just wondering, in general terms, if disliking EVE was on par with not liking GW2.”

          In general terms, no one knows what either EVE or GW2 is. If you’re referring to some specific subset of the world population that does know what those things are, why not specify which subset you’re referring to? My specific experience differs from yours in regards to GW2’s popularity, so I’m not just saying I can’t understand what you’re referring to for the sake of theoretical clarity. I don’t even really care, I’m really just confused why you decided to flame EVE when you were attempting to make this other comparison which you still haven’t put on a meaningful foundation.

          “That’s why I dislike EVE, because, as far as I’m concerned (and I know most if not all of the people here will disagree with me) unless there is an *in-character* AND mechanically supported way to change the way the game functions (thus putting power in the hands of the players) I don’t see it as true freedom to build what you want and thus it is meaningless.”

          This is highly vague, and you seem to be saying you dislike EVE because it’s not some perfect game that’s 50 years down the road from actually being released. Obviously, if you were consistent and applied that standard to other games, you’d hate every game and thus should never even be on this site. I was following what you were saying about how different alliances don’t have enough distinction between them, and even though I’ve never been a hardcore EVE player and could still name relevant distinctions between the way different alliances govern their territory, I still see how you could desire even more game-supported difference. Where you went next, jumping to this paragraph, was nonsensical, however. You should have either said “No other game does that either, and sandboxes aren’t my cup of tea until they do, and here’s why I play other games even though they lack that feature too: xxxxxx”, or “here’s this other game that has that feature, it’s awesome and I love it”. Just making that criticism and then jumping away like this makes you look like a hypocrite to even be here.

      • Rammstein says:

        You’re on a site that talks about computer games, and the content of your troll includes downrating EVE for the inclusion of “pressing buttons”. That’s inane. If you were comparing playing EVE to actually joining the Navy SEALS, then ok, you could throw in the “pressing buttons” jab.

        Comparing your troll to “bashing GW2” is too nonspecific to be meaningful, would you bash GW2 for using a computer screen to display data? If so, then they’d be equally unacceptable.

        The actual description of EVE PVP is oversimplified, to the point that it’s indistinguishable from every other PVP game out there. All computer pvp games that I’ve played have red bars for damage, targeting mechanisms, and some degree of focused fire. WoW arena, FPS’s, etc. You ignore movement and the secondary neuting/scrambling/etc which have obvious analogues in other PVP games. Any rational observer reading your post would be confused–do you hate all computer games, or just all pvp games?

  6. steelhunt says:

    Unfortunatelly, ‘I wasn’t there’, because I was at work. And judging by how ‘canes got massacred there, I guess it was for the better?

    Also, speaking of complexity and depth (and :smug:), despite the 236 side ‘won’, they actually failed – system sov was still taken. Long term strategy, wining the battle losing the war, all that good stuff…

  7. l89@bspamfree.org says:

    Actually the ISK isn’t destroyed, only the Ore (or whatever other materials those things cost) is.
    The ISK lay happily in the pockets of the ship seller, waiting to get spent.

    Thanks to insurance those kills actually create ISK

  8. Anonymous says:

    Did you have any combat professions healing? I love the irony of asking a murderous Bounty Hunter or a selfish Smuggler to heal you, makes complete sense lore wise. Why have Jedi be the healers, just because Jedi are healers in cannon, psh heck no!

  9. theJexster says:

    Muderous Bounty Hunters and selfish Smugglers are healers, meanwhile Jedi are not, way to respect the lore. Did that game do anything right other than appeal to sheep?

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