300m buys you a thesaurus!


(By means of a Paragus remark prior, but this truly merits its own editorial*)


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5 Responses to 300m buys you a thesaurus!

  1. Snafzg says:

    What’s that I hear? Some faintly thrumming chant hiding in a cold dark corner of a nearly forgotton memory… “Bears… bears… bears…”

  2. Clearly a bogus assertion as all the SWTOR skills are ranged in meters, not yards. So a big pile of money gets you a thesaurus AND some new units of measure along with your mediocre voice work.

    • Carson says:

      Well, fair enough on the meters, but the durations are totally wrong. In that screenshot, they’re all listed in seconds, whereas surely in a Star Wars game they should be in parsecs?

  3. Jaggins says:

    I never played Wow past lvl 12, and I am enjoying a ride on the SwtoR themepark. It feels like I get the best of wOW with better voice acting and no elves. Win.

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