I was replying to Tobold’s post… I lost the will to live, deleted my comment and came here instead.

Who’s better than Bhagpuss, stepping up on this fine Friday?


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12 Responses to I was replying to Tobold’s post… I lost the will to live, deleted my comment and came here instead.

  1. bhagpuss says:

    I forgot that saying stuff on the internet is like saying it aloud. Doh!

  2. sleepysam says:

    A most excellent Friday chuckle. I jumped here immediate for my friday /popcorn.

  3. Ahtchu says:

    Link to the context?

  4. steelhunt says:

    Tobold hate day continues – all weekend!

    Warning, may cause hathos:

    • SynCaine says:

      “I played for about three weeks, which is a week or two shorter than I thought I would. More on why I quit later…
      The Old Republic is the best MMORPG ever made.
      As I’ve said before, the people who are bad at MMORPG’s are the only sane ones.”

      These are the people you are spending 300m to attract huh… how’s that working out?

    • steelhunt says:

      Can someone please find in that article any reference to interacting with other players? Like, you know, non-NPC characters? Characters that other real human beings are controlling via the game… In a MMORPG? The string ‘MMORPG’ did appear quite a few times in there. Anyone?

  5. Dave says:

    Tobold’s biggest problem is that he gets an idea in his head and blurts it out onto his blog before he’s thought it through. If he gave himself time to fully rationalise his thoughts before posting then his blog would make for much saner reading. But then he wouldn’t be Tobold I guess.

    • Rammstein says:

      “I think the problem with MMORPGs is that people will shout at me if I open my game by moving my pawn from B2 to B4.”-Tobold

      That quote, combined with the fact that his blog constantly focuses on MMORPG’s, is the real problem with Tobold’s blog. There’s no reason to believe that additional time would improve the quality of his posts.

      (Well, technically, the above quote needs to also be combined with the knowledge that people who are bad at MMO’s like to make silly comparisons like the above to advance the thesis that they aren’t “bad”, they are just “misunderstood”, like an emo teenage girl writing bad poetry about how her soul is like the Sokolsky opening. Amusingly, Tobold gets this wrong as well, as top players have indeed used the Sokolsky opening, making it a very poor example)

  6. Ranzal says:

    At the risk of sounding mean, is the original poster of that quote retarded? In their most recent post, they are quoted saying that “Swtor is the best MMORPG ever” and then just below they rip the game in 3 straight posts.

    I. Don’t. Get. It.

    Let’s be honest here – SWTOR has done some things just okay, and other than that, pretty much kept everything else status quo. The game is what it is – a single player RPG with a decent story and some multiplayer elements thrown into it. It’s not something that will keep me coming back for more, but I’m sure will keep a steady (albeit less than predicted) subscriber population of SW fanboys. I can also see a heavily population in the super casual and super hardcore alike.

    Back to the original quote: It’s exactly these type of people who have crashed into the MMO genre who have driven it straight into a wall. Make up your mind! The combat is “better than previous incarnations” but you left the game because it was still lacking? What the hell did you expect?!? THE GAME WAS ADVERTISED AS A STORY DRIVEN EXPERIENCE!!!!! nothing about this game screamed “innovative combat.” (Somethibg that games like Darkfall and Fallen Earth actually do very well).

    Being a hardcore raider at heart (WW 1st in EQ2 up until just after Fallen Dynasty) I once thought that until a few short years ago, EQ2 was our last bastion of hope in the fantasy MMORPG genre, and this has even gone to hell because of Smokejumper and his crazy ideas. But now, I’m a homeless MMO veteran because these people have made our gaming experience so mundane and pointless that it literally angers me.

    I any put into quotes how dumb the original poster and Tobold sound for having written and agreed with the above sentiment of that statement. It really is just mind numbing.

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