The REAL war on terror.

Lum posted this a few days ago, but only today did I actually read the linked article, found here.

I’m not sure if saying it’s a bit surprising that congress has this much time to waste would be very accurate. Clearly this is not the first time we have seen/read a story of our tax dollars being abused, but since this is an MMO blog, this particular story hits a little closer to home.

All the usual signs of stupidity can be found in the story.

  • Second Life a ‘game’, check.
  • Online gaming makes you a terrorist and or child rapist, check.
  • Random ‘save the kids’ angle, check.
  • Goons dropping penis clouds on everyone… well I guess they took a day off.

Speaking of the Goons, why is congress not holding a hearing about their recent Jihad? Think about what a great publicity stunt that would be, Congressman X stepping up and stopping the great Jihad, saving all those poor miners from the evil Goonswarm, standing up for the little guy. (or Chinese bot farmer, but shhh) Missing opportunity really, some low level worker should get fired.

That would at least be one war on terror that would get some results.

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