EVE: Mittani steps ‘down’

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I’ll summarize for all those who have trouble understanding EVE: Mittens decided he would rather be an in-game a-hole to the extreme than have a paper title. Because lets be honest here, whoever the CSM elects as the new chair is chairman in title only. Mittens will still be the power player of the CSM. Only now, he can tell whoever he wants to kill themselves, and when asked about it, explain that he is simply doing what goons do.

And I have no doubt that this entire circus only did one thing; fuel Mittens and the goons to go on a massive rampage and milk more delicious tears from people. Real people, real tears.

Edit: Comedy Corner can be found here. Post away white knights, post away!

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  1. CFC member says:

  2. Will says:

    internet self righteous pseudo intellectual stupidity – 1
    common sense and free speech – 0

    There is another version here written for the goon swarm members.


    It’s the same message basically, but he says what he really feels about the community perpetuating this garbage. Great stuff.

    • Drannos says:

      Understanding of what Free Speech *actually* means – 0

      As is typical, one person pushed a little too hard and ruined it for the rest…Gianturco wants so badly to be “The Mittani” that he brought that character into the real world and crossed a very real line. One he shouldn’t have. I expect this is the beginning of the end for “Goons being Goons” – the party’s wrapping up and EVE players won’t have the luxury of living out their most sadistic tendencies much longer. He brought the Goon ethos, which only belongs in the game, into a very real spotlight.

      CCP is a real corporation, that conducts business in the Real World; it has large(ish) coffers and, more importantly, LIABILITY. Real liability. The kind that can destroy companies. This isn’t New Eden.

      How many players will now counter-grief with threats of suicide, knowing that the world is watching, and that CCP “has their backs”? Who’s going to risk griefing with the very real threat of a ban hanging over them? The consequences of this, I think, will go much farther than just Mittens, or the Goons, or even farther than most thought it ever would.

      “EVE is Real”. It sure is now. Welcome to the Real World. The World of Business Law.

      Shame, really. EVE always generated the most fascinating stories.

      • Rammstein says:

        You’re making a ridiculous prediction, which will obviously not come true. Furthermore, this prediction seems to be an immediate one, so that you can test it. Right now. With that combination, there’s no way that you would mourn the unhappy results of your prediction, without testing to see if it were true first, right? Right?

        Shame, really. I wanted to hear how you got griefed, when you tested it.

  3. Shadow says:

    LoL, I thought you meant at first he was leaving the CSM entirely, and was perplexed by your analysis. But yeah, Trebor’s entire campaign was based on the premise that the “Chair” is just a title and all members were equal.

  4. Hong WeiLoh says:

    Too early for “inb4 ‘They can’t fire me, I stepped down?!?!’ — Mittens”??? trolololol

  5. Wloire says:

    CCP has issued a 30 day ban to “The Mitanni” and, either because it’s against the CSM ‘rules’ to be banned, or because CCP decree it as such, he has forfeit his position in it’s entirety. Ten thousand votes gone and UAxDEATH reclaims his seat from CSM6.

    • Sand says:

      well this is a shitty development. fucking puling internet vigilante champion-of-right-and-good PC pubbie faggots. unsubbing on all accounts for a minimum of 30 days.

      every time i start to think CCP maybe started turning things around, they go and do some shit like this. fuck eve and fuck CCP for the forseeable future.

      and most especially fuck the media.

      • spinks says:

        But lets not blame the person who kicked this off, because it couldn’t possibly be his fault, right?

        • Rammstein says:

          Of course that’s a sarcastic rhetorical question..but I’m pretty sure that “fucking puling internet vigilante champion-of-right-and-good PC pubbie faggots.” answered it, for better or worse. You know what they say about pre-answered sarcastic rhetorical questions…

        • Ulvheart says:


          I fail to see how it’s confusing to people that someone who encouraged people to harass another player with the end goal of getting them to kill themselves is wrong. Probably criminally so.

  6. Bernard says:

    Are you Mittens’ girlfriend IRL?

    You seem quite eager to defend his getting drunk at a televised conference and encouraging people to harass another player, who may or may not have emotional issues, to the point that he kills himself.

    If you still think it’s about spaceships, you’re missing the point.

    • Rammstein says:

      Celebrities get DUI’s all the time. They generally don’t lose many fans from getting a DUI. Drunken drivers kill tens of thousands of people every year. People on the internet encouraging others to kill themselves over events in EVE kill how many people per year? Do you go and troll every one of those celebrities who gets a DUI? If not, looks like you’re the one missing your own point.

    • Wloire says:

      There was no “may or may not”. The guy has ZERO emotional issues and was pulling a whiny teenager to try and get his way.

      This kind of stuff happens all the time. Why is nobody threadnaughting the miner for making light of suicide?

      • hevy says:

        Exactly. I see this point being brought up multiple times and have yet to see a whiteknight response. Why is it ok to use a suicide threat in an attempt to get your way? Like has been said, the guy is completely fine and lied.

        People wonder why others make light of this sort of situation, the answer lies in whiny teenagers (or maladjusted adults) crying wolf to get what they want. Can we punish this behavior so that if someone is REALLY suicidal they can be helped? All of this “have to take it seriously everytime!” is just stupid and naive and none of those saying it practice what they preach.

  7. Professer says:

    Massively is hilarious, I LOVE THEIR COMMUNITY it makes me happy in my pantaloons

    • Professer says:

      And massively isn’t a real word, in case anyone forgot.

      • Rammstein says:

        Ironically, massively is in the dictionary, while professer is not. (dictionary.com)

        • roqoco says:

          That’s because you need to look in a french dictionary.

        • Professer says:

          everyone knows dictionary.com is bullshit, go check merriam for it.

          And even if it was a word, the way it’s misused in MMORPG is incrorrect (it would be an adverb used incorrectly)

          get better references, and a name can be spelled any way I do that for a reason

        • Rammstein says:

          For someone with such strong opinions on which dictionaries are superior, you seem oddly unable to use them. Massively is in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Professer is not.

        • SynCaine says:

          You nerds are fighting over which internet dictionary is superior.

          Both of you, kill yourselves.

  8. roqoco says:

    As a non Eve player, might I be correct in deducing that it’s not a game that necessarily shows off humanity at it’s best and most compassionate? Perhaps it’s fortunate that, in actuality, we are unlikely to populate the stars any time soon.

    • cyndre says:

      I read a quote in an Eve guide that goes like this:

      “The two most common elements in the universe are Hydrogen and Stupidity. The two most common elements in Eve are Greed and the quest for power over others.”

  9. Okrane S. says:

    I don’t play EVE but the big question to me is: why the hell does everyone care so much about this sad loser? Wow, that guy seems so important harrassing people in a video-game… excuse me while I go cry in a bucket for mankind…

    I mean, since when have video-game avatars of losers who spend most their time in game become celebrities worthy of blogs and moral debates?

    Goons? I bet this sounds so bad-ass for all you EvE players while all I see is another synonym for basement-losers-trying-to-be-important-at-something-in-life-for-a-change.

    Since when have video-games become a tabloid worthy category?

    • Professer says:

      They care because it’s the internet and they’re just silly humans.

      Humans make me laugh, ahahahahah.

  10. thade says:

    The man’s got quite the spin machine going on.

    I find it hard to believe that he’d give up a position that he’s been known to tout as 1. a position he made viable, and 2. a viable position from which he could influence the game world he claims mastery over. Not just “destroying Jita” but actually changing fundamental aspects of how the game can be played at all. Destroying a major trade hub is small potatoes to having an actual platform from which to prevent $70 monocles.

    Kudos to CCP for moving against him.

    In any case, any kind of media is good for his character, so he’ll take this and run with it, I’ve no doubt. That’s EVE for you. Looking forward to reading about his Jita deflation.

    • SynCaine says:

      “Kudos to CCP for moving against him.”

      Except that the CSM has lost (arguably) its greatest member of all time. While I personally feel Mittens benefitted from being in the right situation at the right time, perhaps if someone else was the chair of CSM6, CCP would still believe monocles are a good idea and that the outrage is still just a loud minority.

      Also what I don’t believe anyone can argue against is that Mittens made the CSM matter more than it ever has. Prior to CSM 6, the whole thing was viewed as a cute volunteer program that was little more than a PR stunt by CCP. After CSM6, it’s far more.

      Not I believe Mittens is truly off the CSM. He’ll just get his info from someone, give them his opinion, and they will pass it on. Still, the message will lose some of its focus, and won’t have the same impact that it would coming directly from him. Whether that loss is offset by his ability to be a full goon in-game, we will see in the coming year. The prospect of Jita burning already has a few of my pilots interested.

      • Shadow says:

        Hell, I’m parked a few jumps away so I can get front row seat!

        • SynCaine says:

          It’s not happening until Mittens is back in the game (30 days). Also cloaked frig with an empty clone will give you the best seat in the house.

      • thade says:

        Oh, no disagreement there at all. Jerk or not, he really did take the CSM from “pretty figure head” to “functional element”. The CSM is a really cool idea and he did play a huge part in making it more than a gimmick.

        Things like the CSM and (to a much lesser extent) Riot/LoL’s Tribunal are steps in a direction a like: giving the people that actually play the game a say in what the gameplay and environment are like. The one thing I don’t want to see here (and I think I’m not alone) is the CSM falling back down again.

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