EVE: Communism

Quick note for today: I’ve implemented communism in our wormhole.

Basically all drops/products that actually make it to market and get sold go into the Corporate wallet, and once the wallet reach a certain amount, all active WH residence get an equal share. Clean, simple, and hopefully effective.

Any WH dwellers try/do something similar?

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  1. Rebecca says:

    We assigned a sort of DKP system to the process.
    Every time we complete a site, everyone involved gets 1 mark. 2, if it’s a Magnetometric. We haul out when it’s convenient, and loot is distributed with equal shares per mark.

    We did something similar for mining: Hulks get 2 marks per hour, Retrievers get 1, Orcas get 2 if there’s at least 6 marks worth of other miners at the site, 1 if there’s not (and in either case only if they’re running links). These marks and loot pools are kept separate from the Sleeper ones.

    It was easy enough to keep marks tallied in corp bulletins so that everyone knew they were being updated, as well as ensuring only people with proper authority could update them to avoid shenanigans.

    • SynCaine says:

      You did not run into issue with people wanting to run sleeper sites (which are crazy ISK), but due to being online later than some, always missed out?

      Also I’d rather Mittens push me over a cliff than run a DKP system again.

      • Zyref says:

        Also, how do you reward non-tangible (no loot), but required activities. Hauling, Scanning down holes, scanning adjacent wormholes for activity, monitoring the system, guarding entrances, grinding down POSes, incoming system investigation, coordinating groups, BPO research, production, etc.

      • Remastered says:

        /t Syncaine I was there for the Ony attempt last night and didn’t get my DKP…fix this or I’m gquitting

      • Rebecca says:

        DKP was just an analogy. We called it a mark system. Essentially it’s just dividing up even shares based on participation. If you’re there 3 times as much as this guy, you get 3 times the isk he does.

        It does run into an issue when people are running sites without leadership online. That was an issue we didn’t have thanks to the nature of C5 capital escalation sites. Anyone who did want to run solo did it in our static C1, and they just got to manage the loot themselves.

        @Zyref: The non-tangible stuff is just part of living in a wormhole. If someone isn’t doing their fair share, they get called out on it. We did very little research stuff so that was never an issue. When we ground down a pos in a neighboring hole, whoever was there split the loot evenly.

        • Rebecca says:

          As a further explanation on the DKP part of it, I knew I was opening a can of worms when I used the term.

          The issue with DKP systems in themepark raiding were that they exponentially favored the guild core and regulars, instead of favoring them linearly as it should. That’s also always going to be some kind of an issue when you have 40 people wanting 3 pieces of loot.

          When you have 6 people each looking for their share of 5b isk, it’s a lot easier. It’s a dkp system in that you get points and they turn into rewards. It’s not a dkp system in that it doesn’t require excel to track (unlike everything else in EVE :p ) and doesn’t exponentially favor the group’s core members.

    • Cyndre says:

      DKP System Explained:

      I run Anoms, cause its quick, easy and phat lootz.

      I don’t haul… ever. BORING plus I dont get PAID DUDE.

      I definatly don’t PvP or scout the hole, cause I could lose a ship or get podded and thats just dumb, when I DONT GET PAID.

      Scanning… LOLZ… wait yer serious? I click that scanny button and it says where the Anoms are? WTF else you want from me!?

      Collapse holes…? but but thats wicked boring, 4 min timer and all, and yo, I DONT GET PAID.

      • Rebecca says:

        I know you’re writing in hyperbole, but if someone came into our corp with that attitude, they wouldn’t last very long. And if you’re not in the corp anymore, you don’t get to do the things that get you paid.

    • Shadow says:

      DKP makes me /wrist

  2. Iggy says:

    Yes and the only thing not included in the pot is PI. The pot also goes to fuel purchases, tower needs, WH ship construction and Pocos if necessary. Once those needs are met with split the rest.

  3. Cyndre says:

    I like our system. simple, no headaches, fair, and fact is everybody helps any way they can. So in the end most everybody is pulling their weight in some way.

  4. Werit says:

    That’s how we did it in the wormhole too.

  5. Morg says:

    We broke each op down into shares.
    Ships in the op earned a share every 15min(lesser ships may only earn .5 of a share) Put all the stuff from that op in it’s how tab in a hanger and when shipped out simply pay based on the shares.

  6. Landredas says:

    We’ve been operating in a C3 and then a C4 for about a year and a bit now, and loot has always been handled this way. There is just too many housecleaning things to do in a WH that is not profitable. The only exception is the raiding. If members of our corp jump into a different system and raid their sites, they get to keep the loot. If anyone is going to be offline for a while, or just reducing their online time to a minimum needed, they let us know and they get a part payout for example they might just have enough time to do PI, and maintain the skill queue.

    This kinda system will break down if people don’t log in though. It’s worked for us as we have a tight group who are all active and do different things for the corp

  7. Sand says:

    hell, i figured you were just trying to troll gevlon.

    now it seems you show your true colors. and that color is… RED.

  8. Red says:

    If you’re doing communism then you need to give people more status when they work harder or do a better job than others. Praise, titles, award, ect.

  9. Sleepysam says:

    Nice to read you have a good group

  10. Mbp says:

    Shucks. I misread the title of your post and I thought you said you had Communion in your wormhole. I eagerly anticipated a heartwarming post about how the evil Syncaine had embraced religion and was going to mend his ways. Imagine my disappointment to find you have actually embraced the Godless Commies instead.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Its kind of complicated to do, but (one of the larger WH corps – I’d prefer not to say who) use a modified DKP system. We’ve since developed a custom database to make bookeeping easier, but it comes down to this:

    Corp buys loot at a set price, not market price.
    Loot from each site is divided evenly amongst everyone who is doing something useful while that site is being run – eg: if you’re off scouting, you get a share.
    After sites are run, someone counts up the loot, records it, and stores the loot.
    Every days, someone hauls the loot to market, sells it, and dumps the money in the corp wallet.
    Every days, the CEO pays out from the corp wallet according to how much income each player has recorded in the banking records.

    If you do T3 manufacturing, it lets you sell T3s to corp members below market price at a net 0 profit to the corp, if you set your loot and T3 prices right. It also lets you take advantage of small market fluctuations if you have someone smart managing your sell orders.

    Some advantages of this are the corp can store some isk for fuel, POS expansion, rainy day fund, etc…

    The other big advantage is that when your corp gets used to w-space, gets bored of sites and starts actively hunting, it still provides enough incentive to run sites rather than pass it off to someone else.

    • Anonymous says:

      Looks like someone else from our corp reads this blog, you didn’t mention the PI lottery or am I mistaken and this corp operates very much like us ?:D

    • Anonymous says:

      ah I forgot to explain the PI Lottery, almost all of us make components of POS fuel which can be produced using PI. We donate them to the corp and corp runs a lottery every 2 weeks in which two people get a few hundred million isk. I cba to get my PI to highsec and sell so I donate it all, may get a chance to win (however I’ve only won once and the amount of PI I donate every 2 weeks is more than the prizes) and feel good that I am helping. Corp gets a good supply of PI for POS fuel. Everyone who doesn’t want to, is free not to participate.

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  13. RK says:

    Everything in our home cluster (planets, sites, other players…) is considered a corp resource, because it’s made available through everyone’s collective effort (scanning, logistics, practical violence, casual violence, daily button pressing, IT support…). Outgoing material is pooled and sold on a weekly basis; the corp takes a fraction off the top, and the rest goes into the member payout. Each member may claim a whole or fractional share of the payout, at their discretion, based on their overall level of activity for the week.

    Legend has it that this system was once abused. The thing under that one cargo pod certainly came from somewhere. But those could have been anyone’s… well.

  14. That’s pretty much how we did it in my old corp. however, I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately (namely wormhole blogs), and I read another interesting way of paying out: When an individual is finished harvesting sleeper sites or gas or ore and they’re ready to call it a day, they will:
    -make a note of what they have harvested, and the quantity;
    -drop it all into the CHA in a secured division;
    -send a mail or a forum post with the numbers.
    When there is the opportunity to make a market run, the items will be sold as se

    • …as seperate orders and paid to the individual. That particular method sounds like a lot of micro managing, and something I’m far too lazy to do. But it is a way to make sure your corp mates get the reward for their work. It also is a way to keep your Wspace system secured, as you won’t have your corpies activating every static to highsec to sell off their loot. You make an organized, bulk trip to the markets when it’s safe and practical. After all, wormhole security is the most important part of wormhole living.

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