EVE: Getting knocked into the whelp eggs all over again

Playing multiple pilots in a wormhole is not smart. I won’t be making that mistake again, but it’s too bad it took losing about 500m ISK to learn the lesson.

I was mining a grav site on one account in a Hulk, clearing a Sleeper site with another. The hulk got jumped by a Loki, and I was able to flip over to him just in time to see his pod scrammed and to witness the always lovable insta-trip to a station. Hey at least my Drake+pilot made it back into the POS…

As more time goes by, WH life in many ways is similar to themepark raiding in terms of its effect on a guild/corp. Its ‘hard’ content, you have to always be on your game, and making a single mistake hurts not just you but everyone around as well. It also somewhat forces you to develop more of an ‘elite’ attitude. You can’t keep playing your for-the-lulz-spec anymore. High-sec is like the leveling game, where you can group up or do whatever solo, but everyone ultimately is moving along at their own pace and progress is made regardless. In a WH, you very much can regress, and quickly.

I think the challenge, bringing in newish players (both new to EVE, and new to how to be a helpful Corp member) into such a space/environment, is an interesting one, and shows off the strengths of the sandbox. In a themepark MMO, you can’t attempt this; the game simply won’t let you. That said, SHOULD you attempt this is another matter, and HOW you do so is tricky. You can’t just switch a mostly casual Corp into an elite WH fighting unit overnight. You might not even WANT to become an elite fighting unit. My days of hardcore raiding and handholding everyone while adding up DKP are behind me, and I’m at the point now where if I need to hold your hand, I just won’t bother and I’ll remove you. I have less patience now than I did back when I was in college. I don’t know what that says about me personally, but considering I’m evil incarnate as it is, I’m not too worried.

Interesting times ahead.

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  1. Cupp221 says:


  2. Kill mails! I want to see links to kill mails!

  3. Rebecca says:

    WH Security 102:
    Collapse Every Wormhole. Don’t even warp to your static. Warping it opens up the other end and allows people to come in.

    When doing sites, have a 64 au combat probe going at all times, and spam the scan button. Eliminate all signatures that you can verify.

    Keep spamming the scan button. If a new signature pops up, it’s either a wormhole or a ship, and in either case, it’s not good news. Verify it’s not some nub swapping ships in the pos, and if it’s not, figure out what it is. If it’s a wormhole, collapse it. If it’s a hostile, there’s probably a wormhole somewhere too, or they logged off in your system previously.

    The key to wormhole security is always awareness. The basic of that is DScan, but that only covers 14au. If you’re in an anom (not a sig), you can be found via onboard scanner on a cloaked ship. I know I don’t want a fleet of cloaky tengus appearing in my site. I’d rather collapse any exit and make sure none of them can get in.

    • Dex says:

      Heh, how’s aboot WH Security 103? How do you flush out a trespasser who’s already logged in the Hole in, say, a cloaky Loki? One who goes ahead and scans down our Static when a new one spawns, opens the front door, then comes back in and goes back to sitting cloaked. Watching. Thankfully, not inviting any friends in, yet…

      • kalex716 says:

        Well maybe you can catch him in a position where he has to drop probes for a moment, but yea… this is a good question.

        And it falls into the edge case scenario’s where its no longer “Worm Hole Security” and its not about risk management.

        See my post below. Fly covetors for mining in anything but the most positively secure circumstances (or if you have a trap/defenders setup to catch a loan cloaky for example).

        Wspace is interesting in that unlike high sec ops, you should usually fly the cheapest ship/fit possible that can still get the job done in a reasonable timeframe, that way the inevitable losses are easy enough to recooperate from to protect your profit margin.

        Its a suprisingly hard rule to follow when you start to get filthy rich though.

  4. Adam says:

    “Crom is strong! If I die, I have to go before him, and he will ask me, ‘What is the riddle of steel?’ If I don’t know it, he will cast me out of Valhalla and laugh at me.”

  5. kalex716 says:

    Use covetors in wormholes. Trust me.

    The yield isn’t as good as a Hulk, but you can afford to replace them over at a much faster right, and you can practically not even care. In the long run, you’ll make more money with less stress.

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