EVE: Aim higher

Back when Gevlon (and countless other bloggers) droned on and on about WoW AH ‘strategies’ I always laughed to myself. Posting that you dominate the kiddy pool just makes you look bad, and the only people who are impressed by such an ‘accomplishment’ are the clueless (I believe Gevlon calls them M&S?) So when Gevlon started playing EVE I was rather excited. Finally his ability to hyper-focus and to grind beyond the average tolerance of a human would be put to the test, and the results would be documented for all to enjoy.

This post, about his ultimate goal now being simply to get into a titan, is disappointing. Getting into a titan is not hard. Literally ANYONE can do it. Troll the character bazaar, buy a pilot, setup a secure (not with Mittens) trade for the ship, boom, done. And joining a null-sec alliance with a titan is like joining a casual raiding guild with an all BiS healer; only the best will reject you, and the best WILL reject you.

If Gevlon truly is on some holy crusade to prove that his way of playing a game (but not having fun, fun is for M&S) is superior, he should aim for something that is an actual accomplishment. Earning 7b ISK in two months of pure ISK grinding is only impressive to the clueless (M&S right?). All those people telling you they earn what you earned as passive income in a day? They are not saying it to upstage you (you are not on their stage, or even in the same building), they are saying it to try and give you some perspective. 7b ISK, or even 700b ISK, is not an impressive amount amongst those who care about large ISK totals. Remember this story? That’s impressive, and not just because of the ISK total.

Forget the titan Gevlon. Aim for something above the easy reach of a M&S. CCP is practically inviting you to try with the upcoming mineral changes, and those who truly care about ISK totals have already started the race. Time to catch up.

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  1. I cannot criticize him for having individual goals for his character. I have spent a lot of time in EVE pursuing such things, though more because they are interesting and fun. But flying a titan isn’t “I win!”

    I will be interested to see which null sec alliance will take Gevlon. The “elite PVP” alliances like PL and Raiden will want to see some kills on the kill board before they take him. The external community based alliances like the Goons or TEST have external requirements he likely won’t meet. I don’t think he is Russian.

    But I am sure he will find somebody. IRC or NC. maybe?

    And then he will have to cooperate with people… including many, many M&S types who play the game for fun. That could prove a larf as well.

    But yes, you would think that with the coming economic havoc in EVE, he would be looking into something on the mineral front.

    • carson63000 says:

      Surely the Goons would take him in, “borrow” his Titan, and then boot him? :-)

      • No, SOP on that sort of thing is to get the collateral up front, then tell the victim his application was denied. I was on the recieving end of that one once, but decided that handing anything over was a bad plan.

  2. steelhunt says:

    Well, I’m impressed so far, since I’m devoid of jewskills and have to rely on PI, alliance reimbursement and ratting forsaken hubs for money. I wish I had 7 bil about know, Tornadoes have gotten fucking expensive. I suppose you are all trillionaires around here, ha? (fill the rig slots on your Raven damnit)

    As for titans, yes, that’s pretty cliche, especially now when CCP plans to end the party. Need more originality there.

  3. carson63000 says:

    “Earning 7b ISK in two months of pure ISK grinding is only impressive to the clueless”

    Earning 7b in two months impressive? Maybe not. A new player earning 7b in his first two months? Guess I’m clueless. Because I have to say I was kinda impressed. I could easily have seen the ISK balance bouncing up and down as he ground out some profitable trades and then lost huge amounts on bad decisions and opportunistic suicide ganks.

    • Making 7 billion ISK two months is impressive starting off from scratch in high sec. It shows a level of dedication and single mindedness. The problem is that is leads quickly to the “how much is enough?” or “what am I going to do with all this ISK?” questions. ISK is a means to an end.

      Flying a titan is his new goal, which is cool, but again, to what end? Flying a Rifter is more fun and a lot cheaper.

      I can make 25-35 million ISK an hour ratting in null sec with my Tengu, but I only do it when my bank balance drops. Even the economic game, which was pretty low impact and high earning for anybody paying attention, gets boring for me after a bit.

      Of course, I play to have fun, so I am clearly measuring with a different stick.

      It appears that Gevlon Goblin has been caught and killed at least once, but it was in low sec. Suicide ganks are rare.


      Point and laugh at his fit. It is traditional.

      • Ralex says:

        Now that he has “demonstrated” grinding ISK is not impossible for a noob, Gevlon has no objective other than the Quixotic “make CCP change the game to make life impossible for the morons & slackers”. He acknowledges deleting comments asking what he’s going to do with the money.

        It seems to me after moving to a game where money can make the world go round (vs WoW), he’s at least currently a loss what to do with the money.

        • spinks says:

          I think his goal is to try to show that his way of playing the game is objectively the best. (Also guys, when you are so grudging about admitting he’s been doing well on the ISK as a new player, you just sound mean minded and bitter.)

        • “Making 7 billion ISK two months is impressive starting off from scratch in high sec. It shows a level of dedication and single mindedness.”

          This does not sound “grudging” in my book. Are you sure you are using the word correctly?

      • steelhunt says:

        That loss was in his second or third day, when he went hauling into lowsec (and Aunenen of all places). And it was a lot of work to explain to him why he was killed in lowsec. Still is actually…

      • Zyref says:

        He put a gatling gun on his badger! Should have totally been able to fend of the Cynabal and Cane…. lol. Better to fit a cloak and turtle before being targeted.

    • Cyndre says:

      I made about 250,000,000 isk over two days during my first week doing the trading thing… I could have made an unlimited amount of ISK, far beyond a measily 7b over a two month period of time, if It hadn’t been torturously boring.

      I was sitting on half a billion, and I couldn’t fly anything that cost above 5m… Seemed pointless to keep bothering with ISK.

      Now.. if he wants to prove he is hardcore, he should try and live in a wormhole. It is a lot more complex and much more difficult than dragging a titan into Evemon and waiting a few months for it to finish.


      Make your goal to claim Sov in null sec.

      Any idiot can fly a titan, but only the strong and cunning can claim and hold space for themselves for any length of time.

  4. steelhunt says:

    Oh dear lord… Why? Why did he have to jump into the pit of hell that is EVE24? What’s next, posting on kugu? … I mean, I like a good chain-trainwreck as much as the next guy, and even I had to press the comment button with absolute dread…

  5. Sandman says:

    Gevlon’s “I’m new and I know-it-all” attitude, is in dire need of Goblin tears. Standing by…

  6. Gank says:

    Isn’t Eve, in fact, full of people who are smug and joyful because they dominate the kiddy pool of ‘care-bears’ and newbies who do their best to avoid PVP and scams?

    • Cupp221 says:

      Actually no. About 95% of the people I’ve dealt with in the 8 years I’ve played EVE are either industrialists who want to make money (economy PVP) or real PVPers who are looking for good fights against other real PVPers. Most people find that ganking noobs and hulks gets pretty old after a while, and the rush of “real” PVP is much more worth your time.

      It could be that I have rose-tinted glasses because I’ve mostly lived in null sec and things are much different from the hijinks of high sec. But once you start playing with the big boys, all the suicide ganking and scamming looks pretty lame and boring, and I think most null sec folks would agree.

      • Lyss says:

        For me “playing with the big boys” sounds pretty much like dominating the kiddy pool.

        It just sounds like leveling, you gank and you scam until you level up your game and play with the big boys, or level in a different direction and find yourself a pretty nice wormhole to play in.

        Or you tell people how much money you make with your well thought plans of dominating the finances of the universe.

        As i see eve in part as a mirror of rl economics and behaviour the biggest question for me, regarding the titanic goblin, is who the fuck cares?

        It seems he tries over and over again to prove something which was proven already, if youre good in finances you get the big money, and if you have the big money you can afford something. And numbers dont care about your feelings or the feelings of others.

        If youre a asocial asshole only concerned about youre own wealth you get wealthy, or end up face down in your pool. Or both.

        The only thing to do now is to show him the DVD of Wallstreet, maybe then he will realize he is 25 years to late to show people that greed is good.

        • Lyss, you are grossly ignorant about the game.

          Or are you saying that, because I am in a null sec corp, I must therefore have scammed and ganked my way there?

          Oh, hey, my null sec corp actually has a “no scamming people” rule! And what does gank even mean in the open PvP areas of space?

        • Cupp221 says:

          Rather than “dominating the kiddy pool”, its more like “swimming in the actual pool”. Let the kids have their kiddy pool, I’m gonna go play marco polo in the deep end.

      • Lyss says:

        Nope, what I say is that I see people who deosnt like miners carebears and such and instead like to gank them or scam them.

        Above that I see people playing for the Isk in the Market who say that what the first group does is below them or not worth it. Above that I see the great Alliances… and so on.

        What I dont see is the Point in telling something is the Kiddy pool since in eve alone there are a large number of things which are considered kiddy things (or other funny words) by people who dont like them.

        Some people just like to make it sound as its not a choice what you do in eve, for them its a fact of evolution. LIke “I dont do that anymore its just kiddy stuff”.

        Point is theres always something above you which you have to learn if you want to do it, see syncaines posts about the whole wormhole experience, but its pointless to say someone is in the Kiddy pool because he choose not to do and therefore learn it.

        So no offense intended. It would be dumb to think that everyone higher started out as a scammer.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This might be old news, but I noticed an ad today and they’ve already slashed the purchase price of SWTOR on Origin by 20$.

    Gogo Bioware.

  8. Sand says:

    looking forward to gevlon’s first titan lossmail

  9. Aidan P. says:

    Off topic, but about SWTOR.

    Interesting article about the recent decision of EA to offer accounts with level 50 plus characters 30 days of free subscription time:


  10. J. Tassik says:

    CCP is removing content cause the Nullsec RMT leaders want new cars. They can babble whatever they want, but that’s what the “Shut Up and Mine!” change is.

    Who knows, maybe CCP Soundwave is gonna get a new car to.

    We will see how that goes.

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