EVE: WH building blocks

Gevlon posts + unfiltered comments = internet winning.

That aside, WH life update time.

I like our WH.

Having a low-sec static means we can roll it in an attempt to get favorable Empire access, or roll it to a low population system when we don’t want visitors. It will also allow us to stage future low-sec roams. Actually rolling a hole is still a little hit or miss for us, but I’m sure we will get the exact science down shortly.

I also like how active our constellation seems to be. We get 3-6 Sleeper sites spawning per day, which has become a great source of income and quick, solid content for us to knock out while we gather pilots together. Mag and Radar sites also seem to spawn somewhat frequently, and so far we have always had a grav site to mine.

Speaking of mining, being inside the WH means we are poised to benefit greatly from the upcoming drone region nerf and overall limiting of minerals. Hulkaggedon will only further increase our profit margins. So far we have yet to put together a mining fleet the size we did in Empire, but hopefully we do shortly because the amount of high-end ore is crazy, and now that we have our X-L ship assembly for storage, space is no longer a limiting factor. Our long-term plan is to build a Roquel to compress ore, but even at 75% yield, refining inside the WH and shipping minerals out will still provide a huge amount of ISK.

As Cyndre posted about over at KTR, we are in the process of knocking down the NPC customs offices and putting up our own. This combined with our PI initiative, which has started but is not yet complete, will be an additional, sustained source of ISK. As previously mentioned, the nice bonus of PI inside the WH is you can update your planets inside the POS shields, and with decent scouting the risk of running an industrial to the CO to pick up or drop off goods is not that great.

I expect our Corp’s income to increase significantly now that the majority of our infrastructure has been paid for and is in place. With more ISK going to payouts, I’m hoping more of our members acquire better ships for PvP and we can start roaming and causing trouble.

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  1. Nice post, and very inspiring. I can’t wait to get my wormhole venture underway. What. Lass wormhole does your Corp have? Do you have enough members to harvest it to its full potential? There was nothing I hated more than when sites would go to waste.

    Anyway, keep up the great posts on W-space. I love them.

  2. hevy says:

    “This reads like somone’s wank material.



  3. Antivyris says:

    While there is a 25% yield drop, if you have a static to empire you might be able to get away with outsourcing the refining.

    Hearing about a 25% loss on ABC ores definitely makes this miner’s heart weep.

  4. steelhunt says:

    It’s – Rorqual -. Fix now.

    I dare not click the link. I do not have that kind of courage.

  5. kalex716 says:

    Yea its hard coping with the refine losses, but you know what they say…

    A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush. You may as well take what you can get as long as their isn’t better uses of your time. This tends to be the case with wormhole life, but its still a better bottom line than most K-space activities, and things surely stay more interesting than constant incursions by and large.

    Another passive business you can eventually look into is BPO research in w-holes. Very easy to do, and once you understand those markets they can be lucrative if you get the right kinds of penetration.

  6. bhagpuss says:

    Honestly, this could be in Swahili for all the sense I can make of it. The comments too.

    Decades of reading Science Fiction still doesn’t generate enough clarity to penetrate a jargon shield this dense!

    That’s a compliment, by the way :P

    • Heh, the jargon in EVE can get pretty dense. It is a rare fleet op when I don’t have one of those, “Oh, I know what that means!” moments and feel so very proud of myself for having retained some otherwise useless piece of data.

  7. gevlon says:

    Yes, the unfiltered comments have their amusement value. The tears of “veterans” who squat in EVE for years and never had as much ISK in their wallet as I make in a week is really funny, but unfortunately such crap makes intelligent discussion impossible. So I prefer to keep filtering.

    • IO says:

      It’s pretty pathetic how gevlon deletes all the comments that show him he is wrong. He is unable to have any kind of intelligent discussion.

      His last idea about titan boosting in fleet, well.. hopefully chap will realize he was wrong, otherwise it will be funny lossmail in a shitty alliance (no good alliance would allow him to fly titan).

    • IO says:

      I also wondered why there are no comments who tell him that titan idea was retarded, but now I understand after he deleted my detailed explanation and fleet comparison :)

    • SynCaine says:

      Yet those same veterans also tried to tell you about Red Frog early, and you deleted those comments. How many comments did you delete that told you flying a Badger I 4 jumps for profit was dumb? When you realize how silly that Titan post looks, how many deleted comments told you exactly why?

      Who is making intelligent discussion impossible again?

      • gevlon says:

        Because “u dont haz skillz for titan lol u need years of grinding 4 dat” is intelligent discussion. IO was the only who at least attempted to look intelligent… with little success as keep telling that the +15% buffs of a Command Ship beat the 37% buff of a titan became annoying fast.

        • SynCaine says:

          The 15% does beat the 37%, but I guess you will realize that in a year, assuming some alliance actually lets you field a Titan for boosting.

    • SY says:

      Let’s not forget all of his magical insight into the world of mining with mining Rokhs and his mining fitted Titan.

    • When you start off with the attitude that anybody who doesn’t agree with you is a moron or a slacker, you are clearly looking to promote intelligent discussion.

      You reap what you sow.

    • steelhunt says:

      Gevlon, regarding your titan project. Have you yet spoken with a person who actually has experience with supercapital ships? Someone who FCs supercapital ships on a daily basis, who has killed / lost titans in combat, and who knows / invented all the supercapital tactics, strategies and metagame? You really should do that, and make sure he’s an honest one (in MY eve?)

      Haha, posting here the posts you censor over there! Didn’t see that one coming, did ye?

    • kalex716 says:

      I can’t fault you for making ridiculously meaningless goals as a new player.

      Everyone does this. Yours just happen to be stupid, on a literally titan scale!

      I remember a lot of my original goals were based around ill conceived, or otherwise bad ideas too.

      Like a mission running Ferox, because the drake just looked too ugly in my opinion.

      We all do it, and those mistakes have to be made in order for anyone to ever bother actually getting “hooked” on EVE in the first place.

      I’m wary of any actual new player, who only adheres to skilling, and goal advice from veterans only. You gotta go out, experience, explore, play, and make those rookie mistakes and skill ships you actually never end up using on your own.

  8. Loth says:

    I’m not a particualr fan or follower of Gevlon, but using language such as pathetic and retarded yet claiming to have intelligent discussion and wondering why posts like that may get deleted…well. Perhaps some ISK could buy some people a clue.

    Toot toot!

    • Lyss says:

      Thats a worthless argument if you think about it, since year and day gevlon posts about people he considers as morons and slackers and that are definetly not the worst things he ever said.

      Not that I have a very big problem with that but I find it really stupid to try and defend him with the “he would allow you to post if you didnt use such a foul language kids!” argument.

      Since Gevlon is such a shining example of “no emotions justfacts”when it comes to the buisness he should value peoples arguments on what they say not how they say it.

      Also I think I said something about face down in a pool somewhere else here….

    • Cyndre says:

      Making ISK is stupidly easy in Eve. I have half of Gevlons time in game and I’ve made over a billion ISK, and I did it in a few days of practically afk a few hours.

      Gevlon’s gift is NOT some amazing business genius, but rather his ability to grind the most dreadfully boring tasks relentlessly for LONG periods of time for tiny incrimental gains.

      That is cool. I have no issue with that, if that is your path to enjoyment ingame.

      HOWEVER, to assume anyone who does not have the same tolerance for mind-numbingly boring activity on a large scale to be a moron or lazy, is asinine…

      From my perspective, if I didn’t have a 3rd account alt-tab’d making ISK freighting and station trading to fund my insanity ingame, I would just buy ISK because in 1 hour of real life I can make 5,000,000,000 ISK or more worth of US dollars, so to spend an hour ingame doing something painful to make 100,000,000 isk is not something I would ever consider doing.

      I view the above as a moronic thing to do FOR MYSELF, if I have the means and the legal and EULA/TOS capacity to do it. I don’t criticize or judge someone else choosing to take the otehr route.

      As it turns out, I can play my way, AND make billions semi-afk on alts so I don;t have to make those trade-offs or choices.

      Nothing Gevlon does is special or unique. Nothing about this ‘titan project’ is special or unique. If this is for fun and because thats what he wants out of the game, that awesome… but it proves nothing in terms of his play style…

      If he wants to prove his superiority IN HIS STYLE OF PLAY, he needs a goal that is bigger, per Syncaine’s earlier post of the subject… he needs to strive to have the biggest personal wallet ingame, or corner the commodities market, or crash a product by some economic machinations akin to the ICE embargo of the goons…

      Those are goals of magnitute in Eve. Those prove you are a Master of the Universe. Your actions have massive impact on a grand scale, not some 2bit station trader from a backwater galexy who thinks they are lord of the short-bus.

      • I am in the wrong industry/occupation says:

        Affording 5 billion isk equivalent USD per hour being affording 10 PLEX an hour?

        • Cyndre says:

          Yes 8-10 PLEX equivelant, and no its not a job nor an occupation.

        • I am in the wrong industry/occupation says:

          So able to readily earn 175USD an hour, but through neither a job nor an occupation…you print money, as a hobby!

        • Cyndre says:

          You are misunderstanding and not believing because your reading of what I wrote was flawed.

          I wrote “In an hour”

          You read “per hour”

          I am not going to get into details of what I do, here, but for example, monday I spent a little under 2 hours and made $470.

          Could I sustain this 40 hours per week, no. Can I do it with some degree of regularity, when I feel like it? yes.

        • DVK says:

          He plays Internets poker. Sometimes he wins, sometimes he loses.

        • Chris E says:

          You don’t even have to go to these extremes to earn figures that are within similar orders of magnitudes – and no it doesn’t involve playing internet poker either.

          The going rate for building custom infrastructure for a major trader (trillion isk+) is around 2 billion isk/hour – though admittedly you need to charge a lower rate for the first couple of pieces.

          More specialised skills in the real world can command many times that – though if you want something that you do occasionally rather than having to operate at full speed all the time, then its a little harder.

  9. Bernard says:

    I don’t often agree with Gevlon, but in fairness to him, most of the responses to his post have been:

    1) I make more money than you

    2) I don’t care

    3) Do something bigger to impress me

    • Cyndre says:

      Well, what I was trying to get across before the guy above reply’d was “Your way isn’t better” its just your way.

      Gevlon’s problem isn’t how he does what he does, or even his efficiency at it. Everyone should game the way they like to… his problem is he puts down anyone who doesn’t play his way.

      AND claims he is a the best at his way, which he isn’t.

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