Three amazing games and everyones favorite mistake

In shocking news no one saw coming, SW:TOR is doing really well. Someone should start a “is it 6 months yet?” meme. That would be cute. Hey at least the game is free now, how very FFXIV of EAWare.

Speaking of cute, I picked up the Path of Exile beta for $10. Money well spent already. While I’m not the biggest fan of that genre, and it’s hard to play anything but EVE at the moment, PoE has some interesting mechanics and makes for a nice little break. I’d say more but plenty have said it already. If you like this style of game, PoE might be the best example in years.

Random thoughts about Skyrim, as I’m still playing that a bit as well; is it just me or is the game more fun at the beginning and until level 20 or so? I find I complete one major chain (thieves’ guild, mage’s guild, the war, the main quest) and then start a new character rather than use that same one to continue. It’s not just that you get too powerful, but that the whole thing gets… boring. I feel like Skyrim as a world is so amazing, and the stories are so good, that the whole ‘game’ aspect of it, the leveling and different abilities and such, just get in the way. Simple early-game combat and story are what I like.

Also playing with the realistic lighting mod, and having dungeons be truly dark, makes it easier to skip all the little chests and such since you can’t see most of them. Dungeon running now is about seeing the major content and just enjoying the scenery (made even more amazing by the lighting mod), rather than opening ever last barrel for 7 gold pieces.

Quick note about INQ-E: I’ve put a halt on recruitment for the moment. We have enough players in the WH to make that work, and for totally new players we don’t have the Empire presence to make us an appealing corp. If someone is still interested, I would recommend working on your pilot towards WH life, and joining our public channel to hang out. If we end up opening recruitment back up, you will be ready and able to contribute faster.

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  1. KSC says:

    I feel the same way about Skyrim. Character progression isn’t very interesting and gameplay for your build doesn’t change at all. Once you’ve mastered the basics every encounter is approached exactly the same way.

    As far as mods go, I consider the realistic lighting mod essential. Another I enjoy is the ‘live another life’ mod.’ You can choose to start your life with a variety of different paths such as a bandit, shipwreck survivor, or a vampire living out of a cave lair, amongst others, and drops you into the game with a small vignette. It’s immersive and helps me get into a role.

    Path of Exile is cool too. Despite hating the sphere grid when playing ff10, it really works for me in PoE. Several opportunities for abusive combinations of abilities. My only problem with it is the non-existent narrative. It’s fun if you’re just looking to zone out and farm some crap though.

  2. bhagpuss says:

    Your 3rd para sums up my last 12 years of MMO play. Low level is always best and always will be. I just wish someone would finally realize it and make a flat, low level MMO where I can defend my village from gnoll invasions 10,000 different ways from Sunday for eternity.

    I’ve been keeping a vague eye on Path of Exile. Not my preferred genre either, action RPG, but a New Zealand developer has to be interesting. Is there an option to buy into beta on their website? Didn’t spot it on a cursory glance.

  3. mbp says:

    For a complete change of pace try Legends of Grimrock. It is as hard as nails but strangely compelling and for some reason the game is much better than it sounds.

    • roqoco says:

      Just got that too, reminds me of Eye of the beholder 1&2, which is not a bad thing. You’d think they might have implemented the UI a bit better though, since that was one area where EOB/Ultima underworld shone at the time. A few action slots would be handy, rather than having to delve into inventory and theres no way to swap weapon sets or store spell combinations.

      • mbp says:

        I think the awkward UI is a deliberate design choice to increase the challenge of the game. Magic would be quite overpowered for example if you didn’t have to fumble with the mouse every time you try to cast a spell. Magicka did something similar.

        I have more or lesss made my peace with it in Grimrock. I can do what I need to do but still make the odd fumble in the heat of combat. That just adds to the tension.

        Deliberately using awkwad conrols is quite a difficult balancing act to pull off though because we don’t all have the same level of dexterity. Reading the forums there are a number of posts from folks who struggle with timed puzzles in the game because they cannot react quickly enough. Given the devs past record of adjusting the UI to facilitate someone who could only use a mouse I wouldn’t be surprosed if they added more control options later.

        • roqoco says:

          Yes, I think you are right. The problem is though that, because the UI doesn’t allow weapon swapping, or at least makes it so cumbersome that it isn’t practical, you really have to pile all your stats into one weapon for each char. If they had really planned that, they would have had more specialised classes, such as swordsman, axe murderer etc.

          The way it currently works is just an invitation to gimp yourself at later levels …and swapping between melee and ranged was one of the strategically interesting things to do in EOB et al. Anyway, still a good game, but looks like I’ll have to start over…

  4. How is you Corp’s W-space system doing? The last one I lived in was a C3, and the sites dried up pretty quickly. When it rains, it pours in W-space. Consiqueny, it can be slim pickin’s. Keep up the interesting posts. I am particularly interested in your W-space ventures (I’m hoping to get into it myself soon).

    • *consequently- I think is how that’s spelt.

    • Devore says:

      If you don’t just suck them all down immediately, they supposedly respawn more steadily, so you don’t have to look for a new home constantly.

      • Oh okay. It’s a bit of a catch-22. If you run them all, they may dry out for a while. On the flip side, if you keep them active, visitors are more inclined to stick around and maybe run them for you. I know whenever I venture into a wh, I’m pretty much in and right back out again if there’s nothing to do in there.

  5. roqoco says:

    Thoroughly agree about Skyrim and the same applies to many other MMOs/RPGs. Its partly, I think, all the baggage you accumulate as the games progress that detracts from rather than adds to the fun (and they really do need to scale the difficulty a bit better). Was hoping someone might bring out a simplification mod – get rid of 99% of the loot or something so that finding stuff is interesting rather than a chore? The best things in Skyrim are the amazing open world and archery.

  6. Ano says:

    I just want to give Syncaine the pleasure of saying to me “I told you so”. Unfortunately SWTOR is starting to wear thin on me. Even more so now with each passing day I read about another great feature about Guild Wars 2.

    SWTOR stories were great but end game and the PvP situation is really starting to wear on us. Our guild of over 200 people has reduced to 4-8 active players. Three people logged back in after long breaks to check out 1.2. That was it. I am not sure how other guilds fair but we’ve been reduced to almost nothing.

    It is a bad sign. :(

    • roqoco says:

      I wonder if emulating WoW raiding is a bit of a red herring for WoW clones. What % of the player base of WoW actually raid regularly anyway? I don’t imagine it’s very high as the people who do it aren’t exactly known for their tolerance and easy going personalities; so unless you’re very thick skinned it would seem quite hard to get started.

      • Ano says:

        @roqoco. Very good point and I think that is the crux of the problem. A very small % of the playerbase gets to experience raids/operations. Having said that though our guild raided heavily but our members started losing interest after 5 weeks of that.

        The Rahkgoul event whilst interesting won’t sustain our interest long. There simply wasn’t enough content added to the 1.2 patch. And the Legacy system was not what we were expecting. At its core it is basically a way for people to spend all their credits on what are basic vanity items.

        I am being too negative here but I think my SWTOR rose colored glasses are slowly being lifted.

    • wloire says:

      I spotted your issue: You’re replacing one over-hyped MMO with another. And the cycle continues anew. SWTOR had such innovative features that were going to change the industry long before it’s launch as well,

      I’m just waiting on the “first hand accounts” from a” friend-of-a-friend” who is in the beta and is confirming that the game is amazing and it will be AoC, WAR, Aion, Rift, SWTOR all over again.

  7. Loth says:

    While Swtor’s raids are still actually fun for me and the few guildies that run them (like others have said, numbers are becoming an issue, I see server mergers have been mentioned. That’s both a much needed intervention and a bad sign) the regular, 4 man Hardmode content (equivalent-ish to a 5 man HC in WoW) are either too hard for casuals or simply too damn long for people to care about. The rewards aren’t what you’d call very rewarding either.

    I’m a StarWars geek, and I like my themeparks…but for this game to live, it need shorter, easier-accessed content and a LFG system, and needs it fast.

  8. Loth says:



    According to those, and many other, sources that report on gamespot is somewhat false. And while I have no love for EA – quite the opposite, I refuse to have origin on my PC and consider them at best a necessary evil – I wouldn’t want to see that many regular chaps lose their jobs.

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