EVE: Wormhole opportunities and threats

One challenging aspect of wormhole life is how dynamic the environment truly is. One day sites won’t spawn and you won’t have any connections besides your static, and the next you have three hostile connections and more sites than you can reasonably run. The uneven pace of ‘content’ makes finding the right amount of pilots difficult; on slow days you have too many, on busy days you wish you had more. When things are slow you have to work to create something to do, while when they are busy you need to prioritize correctly to ensure you maximize profits safely.

Connections, either to other WHs or high/low/null, are also a gift and a curse. On the one hand, connecting to a WH that you can farm for additional profits is a huge plus, as is getting a favorable high-sec opening to hit the market or bring in supplies. On the other, connecting to a WH occupied by a more veteran force can lead to expensive losses, and having an opening to a high-traffic known-space system might mean more visitors and potential threats/invasions.

The motivation in all of this is that the more powerful your Corporation grows, the more things look like opportunities than threats. When you have the experience and ability to defeat 90% of what’s out there, most openings will be to your advantage. On top of that, when things are slow you have the ability to successfully venture out and cause some trouble away from home.

INQ-E is not at 90%. Or 50% for that matter. Most connections are still a threat rather than an opportunity, and it only takes one overly interested party to really cause some major damage. With that said, living in the WH pushes us to progress at a much faster rate than high-sec. People very quickly learn the basics, either by doing their homework or getting blown up. The environment is certainly not for everyone, much like EVE itself, but when you make it work, it sure is fun.

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