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Why is still calling its MOBA titles MMOs? Especially now that MOBA titles are a bigger genre than MMOs. Someone pass them the memo already.

SW:TOR getting a limited free trial is somewhat of a non-factor (although does this mean it’s no longer free on weekends?), but giving away the content I’m sure EA planned to sell as an expansion? That’s another. I’ll say this about SW, it’s dying in very entertaining fashion.

The upcoming Rift expansion is exactly what one would expect out of Rift, more of the exact same. I think a few readers here are confused about my current opinion about Rift, so let me try and explain it. I hate Rift as a game. The content that was around when I left was soulless (get it), dumbed down, and just not what I wanted out of an MMO. What was an interesting evolution of the themepark model in beta ended up being a 2011 version of current themepark design at launch.

That said, I love Rift as a model. Trion puts out content as fast as a themepark should, and they don’t pretend to be something they are not; they know they are delivering generic themepark MMO content, and they are focused on just that. I wish more MMOs did that in their respective areas (not to be confused with wishing that more MMOs went hyper-generic).

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  1. saucelah says:

    dig the headline

  2. Ano says:

    I would class WoT as a MOBA sub-genre of the larger MMO genre. WoT is still a massively multiplayer online game except it is 25,000 people compartmentalised into a series of 15v15 battles. So I still think it is perfectly valid to call WoT an MMO.

  3. Shadow says:

    I’ve got the impression from a lot of people that, while they may not love or even like Rift, they’re happy to see them do what they’re doing.

    • Chris K. says:


      The rate with which they pump out content and game updates should be the standard in the industry, not an anomaly.

      To be honest I haven’t seen anyone “hate” on Trion all that much. People throw jabs at the game, but the devs get an approving /nod from most.

  4. Hudson says:

    RIFT does provide nice DUO content as well which is nice to see

  5. Sullas says:

    “…I’m sure EA planned to sell as an expansion…”

    Right. Rift is allowed to release content regularly, but TOR releasing any sort of new content is a sure sign of throwing in the last reserves and accellerating demise.

    • SynCaine says:

      You don’t view a new planet (zone) and level increase as prime expansion content?

      • Sullas says:

        New zone? Not in the least. Much precedent in Rift and WoW of non-expansion zones of similar caliber. Silithus and Quel’Danas for WoW, Ember Isle for Rift off the top of my head, and I’m pretty sure I could look up a bunch, particularly from the manic dev team at Trion.

        Level cap, tradiitonally, yes, but not necessarily for TOR. It does make a lot of sense to up the cap if they want to add a chapter to the player characters’ storylines.

        • SynCaine says:

          Sure, in other games a new zone is nothing all that special, but in SW:TOR, assuming the zone has the same quality and quantity of voice acting, it’s a much bigger investment. Also consider the number of zones/planets in SW:TOR compared to the number of zones in Rift or even release-day WoW, and what impact adding one has on the % of content.

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  8. wormsby says:

    I think we’re just about living in a post-MMO world. All the game-changers in the past — well, seemingly forever — have been single-player or multiplayer games. In fact, many have been free mods, like Prophecy of Pendor or the recent Game of Thrones reskin for Cursader Kings II.

    Think about something like DayZ, which has totally blown up. Permadeath, no levels, free-for-all PvP, full looting, complete sandbox play. All for free. The most fun you’ll have this year in games basically involves hiding in a bush in the pitch black hoping no one steals your precious beans. Take that, gaming industry.

    • Ano says:

      Agree 100%. What it shows with crystal clarity is that being innovative does reap rewards. You may not get 10 million MMO players but you can still get a sizeable niche that are looking for something more than a themepark MMO.

  9. xXJayeDuBXx says:

    Wait, when did MOBA’s become MMO’s?

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