Out of the kiddy pool

This weekend I made the decision to have INQ-E join a wormhole alliance and move into their C5. It was not an easy decision, but one that I ultimately think will benefit us in many ways.

First some back story, because that itself is fairly interesting.

Within the first week or so of moving into our C3, we had a few experienced enemy pilots find their way inside our WH. They scored some nice kills, and stayed around for a few days. Looking back it was horrible luck, as since that visit we have had very minimal enemy activity inside your WH, and today we would be much better prepared to counter them.

Of course, much like our first high-sec war when the Corp was founded, what was once an enemy becomes an ally in EVE. That group of early invaders are now the alliance we are joining, and the opportunity came about because while we died horribly, we at least tried to fight back rather than ragequit or failcascade, and were open to communicating with our enemies rather than throwing a pity party. Its things like this that always make me laugh when the uninformed talk about the EVE community and how horrible it is. It’s only horrible if you deserve it.

As expected, many in my Corp were surprised by the announcement, and confused how things would work in our new home. In our C3 we divided things up evenly based on a minimal participation requirement, and all WH profits (Sleepers, PI, mining, production) went into one big pool. In the C5 you get paid if you show up for something, which worried those with lower SP or those without extensive combat training.

The other factor I struggled with was one of Corp identity. We put in a lot of time and effort making the C3 our home, and we just recently really hit our stride and got into a groove with the space. We had our PI going, we were producing stuff, and we just recently started converting gas into products. We were (slowly) expanding our possibilities in terms of PvP as well, and overall activity was very high. “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” certainly crossed my mind, as did the general change of going from being fully in charge of our destiny to being one part of something greater.

And while change is scary, EVE is also very much a game where if you get too comfortable, and things become too routine, you slowly lose interest and can fade away, and it’s my job as CEO to ensure that does not happen. Much like leaving Empire and moving into the C3, it was more a matter of “screw it, here we go” rather than of finally being really ready. In EVE, if you are 100% ready, you are probably doing it too late.

One of the major pros of moving is the ISK generation itself; simply put, the ISK made in a C5 dwarfs a C3. What we made in a month the C5 makes in a few days. I’ll comment more on this at a later time, but I have little doubt that ISK will soon be a non-issue for many of us (or rather, it will allow us to get blown up in shinier ships more often, which is just as good).

The other major factor in moving is for the PvP. PvP in EVE is, IMO, the hardest PvP of any MMO. While the PvP in Darkfall is more twitch, and allows for more heroic individual feats, the amount of information you have to process in a very short amount of time in EVE is staggering. Learning by trial and error is very costly, and can often result in few lessons learned. There is a reason quality FCs are so highly valued in EVE, and it’s a very good one.

By joining this alliance, we will fly in Ops with some great FCs, and learn wormhole PvP at an accelerated rate. Combine this with the ISK factor, and each pilot in the Corp should progress at a rate far beyond anything we could have done in our C3 alone.

The final factor is one of numbers. Everyone in the alliance lives out of one C5, which means there will always be people online doing something, and the alliance is very open in terms of accepting people into fleets. This is another case of “obvious MMO design” that most games get horribly wrong; there is no hard-coded penalty to inviting others in EVE, which allows vets and newer players to fly together and fill out the various roles of a fleet. Much like the whole community thing, the above is why I laugh at the uninformed complaining about ‘never catching up to vets’ in EVE. More than a few of my pilots have less than 5m SP, and yet they will be full contributing members of a C5 WH alliance, doing ‘end-game’ PvE content and PvP’ing alongside pilots with 100m+ SP, blowing up billions of ISK.

Certainly more to come as things roll out.

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  1. The Walking Man says:

    I hope your 5M SP pilots aren’t too far off T3s, T2 fitted BSes or Logis.

      • Vett says:

        They will be too far off and participate in corp ops anyways! Though as one of the sub 5m sp’s (hell i think only about 3m) its amazing what you can fly if you do the proper planning.

      • Cyndre says:

        SynCaine, don’t you know that you need 100m Skillpoints to do anything fun? Why are we even wasting our time winning at eve?

        I guess we are so awsome we broke the meta.

      • The Walking Man says:

        Or they’ll be severely limited in what they can actually do, and spend a lot of their time waiting around for something to happen.

        No, you don’t need 100M SP, but its good to be able to do a range of things so that you can stop yourself getting bored once the novelty wears off.

        • SynCaine says:

          You don’t actually play EVE do you?

        • Cyndre says:

          I have 3.9m skill points.

          I have: Lived in a C3 and now a C5, Done every type of wormhole content as a fleet, Solo’d in a C3, Fleet PvP, All types of Industry, Solo and fleet Stealth ganked, POS bashed, Mercenary Operations, flown and ratted in Low, High and Null, done plex’s in all 3 as well…

          Either I am PRO or you are BAD. You decide.

        • The Walking Man says:

          “Fleet PvP, All types of Industry, Solo and fleet Stealth ganked, POS bashed, Mercenary Operations,”

          Which one of your 4 kills and 6 losses was represented by each of those activities?

        • Cyndre says:

          Right because every time you do anything in Eve, it results in an api verified kill or loss on eve-kill… Should tell that to teh station traders and miners, who i suppose by your metrics arent even playing eve…

          And I have 28 kills and 6 losses… look again. 100% kill efficiency in June, over 5 billion isk damage dealt.

  2. thade says:

    I really dig reading on on your corp’s WH saga.

  3. morg says:

    The main thing new players lack is confidence…..get out there!!!!
    Glad your getting yours out there.

  4. Take some freakin’ screen shots already!

      • “Of what?” he asks.

        Of anything. You new station. The starscape in your WH. A sleeper. Of anything that looks different than normal high sec space.

        I don’t load up my posts with screen shots just to annoy you. That is merely a side benefit. I do so to let people see what I was seeing at a given moment, to better cement the idea of what was going on.

        And while you have told many a tale of life in WH space, I have never actually seen a sleeper.

        • SynCaine says:

          Sleeper looks pretty cool actually.

          Cyndre, start posting SS of WH life in KTR.


        • Cyndre says:

          I have some awsome screen shots of our double sekrit undercover mercenary operation, which will be written about after said, ultra sekrit endeavor is no longer ultra sekrit.

  5. pkudude99 says:

    Man, I’m so tempted to re-sub and either join with TAGN (I last logged out in TNT space, after all) or apply to INQ-E and give wormhole space a try. All of this sounds so much more fun than my last corp, where it was all “Grind out an hour or more of PI for us daily at your own cost” for plans that fell through anyway. Did a few fleet ops, but mostly they were unopposed structure shooting, so they were boring too. All this stuff you describe sounds like so much more fun. And I’m pushing 70 million SP and can fly any sub-BS T2 combat ship, plus Tengu, so I’d be able to pick and choose what I’d fly.

    You tempt me very much. . . .

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  7. Chris K. says:

    Bah, I’m terribly tempted to join you, if only you weren’t primarily in the US TZ.

    Being a PI geek, the idea of having true-sec planets to plunder gives me chills :p

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  9. Maineiac says:

    I just want to fly the carrier I spent so much time/isk to obtain. Make it happen!

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  11. ZosT says:

    this wormhole stuff sounds really cool. I’ve popped into WHs for a bit (just finding them as a result of exploration) and been following the whole thing ever since listening to the Planet Risk podcast.

    Took quite long breaks from EvE – my 4 year old main has just 25MM skillpoints, for example. Couldn’t resist and recently resubbed, trying to figure out what to do. I’ve been having a bit of fun with lowsec exploration. I can’t bring myself to mission again. I’m in an NPC corp currently…

    Essentially I like the carebear side but with unpredictability and that extra bit of risk. Lowsec exploration kind of fits that because I can log on for an hour, maybe find a site or two and run it, or maybe not. All the time I get a bit of adrenaline from keeping my eye on local and d-scan for the folks trying to hunt me.

    I’m considering living in Providence and/or lowsec Amarr space for a while. But – my question is – as alternative to lowsec, can wormhole work be done casually? Like, for example, login for an hour or 2, 2-3 times a week, and both contribute to a corp and make ISK for myself?

    My understanding is the following, but please correct me:
    a) suppose a corp bases out of a WH: C3, C5 whatever
    b) the sites within that wormhole will get “used up” so that if I log on for an hour, likely there won’t be much left to run “locally”?
    c) therefore the corp folks will need to find adjoining WHs with sites available to run, and jump into those, run them, and come back into the home WH? But is this time effective for a casual player?

    Even if I couldn’t run sites (or didn’t have time) could I still contribute locally? Like just scanning in a covops and letting the corp know what’s around (either signature sites, or unwelcome visitors?) What about mining (haven’t done much of that in my EvE life) or PI (which I hear is lucrative but again, haven’t tried it).

    Thanks for any advice.

    • SynCaine says:

      It really depends how the WH Corp is run. Our current C5, payment is done by who is there for an Op, so if during your 1hr online you catch an Op, you would get paid. C1-C3 sites can also be run solo, assuming you have the correct ship (heavy tanked Drake or a T3).

      That said, you maybe find that you log in, and either everyone is out of the WH already doing something, or the local space has nothing to do. Unlike high/low sec, at that point it might be tough to find something to do yourself.

      PI is good ISK, but its mostly passive.

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