EVE: Sleeper Jam

In training all week (SAP BO y u so gui?), so blog content might be slim. Sorry?

As we continue to assimilate into our C5 alliance, I’m noticing the approach to ISK generation and how best to use WH content is quite different from our C3. In our C3, we ran all sites to completion, with only grav sites staying around for more than a day due to the amount of mining time required to clear them. In the C5, not only are sites not ‘finished’, but the majority of the content is the escalation waves. Once those are complete, the fleet moves on to the next one. This is further compounded by the daily downtime ‘refreshing’ the escalations, allowing the same site to be farmed 3-4 times. We are talking billions of ISK per site, so tens of billions over a few days is ‘normal’. More on C5 ISK vs Incursions or station-grinding and such in a different post.

At those amounts, and with the alliance focused on all kinds of PvP activities (more on those as they become history rather than current Ops), the question goes from “when CAN we make ISK” to “when do we WANT to make ISK”. For us (INQ-E) currently, it’s “as often as we can please”, but for those with a few billion and enough ships for all situations, they would much rather USE that ISK (PvP) than make more of it.

“So everyone in HAHA flies around in Officer-fit T3s right?”

Nope. Oh they could, from an ISK aspect, but they don’t. Why? Because a multi-billion ISK loss on a killboard hurts your efficiency a lot more than a 750m T3, and while those Officer fits are nice and all, they don’t ‘belong’ on a T3, or even a Carrier/Dred. This makes sense if you PvP in EVE, it might not to those who don’t. I’d explain it, but… yea.

This is why just making ISK for the sake of making ISK is a non-factor for an alliance like HAHA. At some point (and with C5 sites, that point comes much sooner than later), ISK stops being a major goal and you start really focusing on things that ‘matter’, like knowing wtf to do in PvP. And by PvP, I don’t mean the simply act of locking the called target and hitting F1. That anyone can do, and is again a laughable ‘EVE is easy’ statement you often see from non-players. No, really learning PvP, especially WH PvP, is a very deep rabbit hole that gets deeper and deeper the better you get and the more roles/responsibilities you take on.

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  1. Kobeathris says:

    I dedicate 1 night a week to Eve, but I hop on when my wife is busy with something else to see what is going on. Since we moved in to the C5, this has happened twice, both times, I logged in, got in a fleet and went and did something. Clearly doing the fun stuff in Eve requires you to have no life.

  2. kalex716 says:

    The deep rabbit hole of wormhole pvp is where the juice is IMO.

    Learning the ins and outs, how to properly bait and cloak, how to interpret scenarios correctly as quickly as possible. Stalking. Trickery. Setting traps, springing said traps, and executing many kills. Logi.

    Closing holes behind fleets, sending people through holes unknowing what is waiting on the other side. Logging fleets out and back on again. Scanning scanning scanning. Keeping intel/chain networks up to date etc.

  3. Wyrm says:

    SAP? Fuck SAP! Buy American: GO ORACLE E-BUSINESS SUITE!!! (and I’m one of those fancy pants ‘uropeans who can’t shoot a gun straight and ride cars with tiny pussy engines)

  4. Wyrm says:

    (And yeah, I’m broke as well. Have a bailout for me?)

  5. Rebecca says:

    Syn, check out Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator. Best 40 bucks you will ever spend on a game, so long as you’e got 3-5 friends and voice comms.

  6. hmm says:

    Got me seriously considering WH’s again. damn.

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