EVE: Killer clowns

With my EVE in-game time somewhat limited due to RL issues, last night was my first real experience with our new alliance, Surely Your Joking (ticker: HAHA). A workable chain of wormhole connections was available, and a good number of INQ-E pilots were able to get ships into our new C5 home and our lovingly small Caldari tower named ‘Bait’.

A quick note about wormhole content: it’s pretty amazing to fly through three different holes to ultimately reach our C5 when you really think about it. There are thousands of wormholes in EVE, and each of these have different static and random entrances/exits that can connect to either known space or other holes, and each of these holes begin and die from both time and mass passing through.

In this giant, dynamic mess, our alliances mapped out a route and guided haulers and new pilots (us) inside. To EVE players this process might sound obvious or ‘normal’, and from the outside it can appear as somewhat minimal, but take a second look at the whole thing and compare it to anything else in the genre. It’s not only unique, but pretty damn cool as well.

Back to HAHA. The alliance Mumble is both active and relaxed. People are joking around in-between providing information or updates, and different people from different Corps are moving in and out of channels as needed. As we were moving in and out, a scout reported an enemy ship in one of the holes along our route.

On a dime, Mumble becomes a very serious place, and Pell (the alliance leader) begins to FC and a response fleet is quickly assembled. With amazing efficiency, the enemy’s entrance location is scouted, and soon Pell is out in null-sec baiting. With the trap set, the order is given and a sizable fleet jumps into local.

Sadly we were unable to pin the enemy and score any kills, but just watching the entire thing develop was very rewarding, and reassured me that joining HAHA will expedited our PvP growth and get us into numerous entertaining scenarios.

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11 Responses to EVE: Killer clowns

  1. Werit says:

    Killer Clowns from Outer Space was a crazy movie.

  2. motstandet says:

    I totally want to come!

  3. wloire says:

    In many ways WH space is what all space in EVE should be like (except, perhaps, highsec). Every new connection is a mystery, every new whole filled with potential exploration. You have no clue who your neighbours will be day to day, or where your next exit back to market will be, the danger is immense but satisfying.

  4. carson63000 says:

    You joined an alliance with a grammatical error in the name? Ouch.

  5. That’s one the best Corp/Alliance ticker: “HAHA” i’ve ever heard of based on the actual name of the Corp/Alliance.

    HAHA very cool.

    Very much agree with “wloire” comment above as well, so ditto there.

  6. Devore says:

    It’s pretty awesome for an idea that was supposedly formed and fleshed out over beers at a Reykjavik bar. Supposedly, CCP never intended or imagined people would live in wormhole systems. That’s what happens when you have a good sandbox and throw in some interesting toys.

    • kalex716 says:

      I wouldn’t be playing EVE if it didn’t have wormholes.

      I moved in a couple months when the expansion hit by myself and haven’t setup formally in K-space ever since.

      I love the emphasis on intel w-space demands as well. Null sec is broken IMO because intel is too trivial, once networks are established, you know where fleets are many systems away before you even have to worry. In wormholes, they change daily, hourly, sometimes even minutely.

      Taking an active interest in intel makes all the difference in W-space, and how you organize it, and use it are testaments to the corps and alliances that succeed, vs the ones that fail in any particular w-space engagement.

      It is the way EVE was meant to be played.

  7. Cyndre says:

    …now if I can just keep that pesky Drake alive…

  8. Torcano says:

    Is the spelling/grammar mistake in the alliance name intentional, a mistake by them, or a mistake by syncaine?

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