Sounds logical

I really wish Gevlon would start trying out some of his brilliant solutions.


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  1. Well, he is right-ish. Our part of null sec matches his base scenario pretty well. We’re close to 10 jumps from the nearest stretch of hostile space (and down a dead end path to boot), have a cyno jammer, and the intel channel keeps us up to date. But the moment a neutral or red shows up, all miners head to a POS for shelter. And doing this is one of the grand stealth bomber tactics. It is one of the reasons I want to make a stealth bomber alt, so I can sit in an enemy mining system cloaked at a safe spot and AFK.

    I am pretty sure even a mining Rokh with 200K EHP (I’d go with a Domi so I would have serious drone coverage, but that is just me… I also might go for shield regen vs. absolute shield size) can be taken down solo by a serious PvP player in the right fit frigate. The problem is solved only for certain situations.

    Basically, if you think you can do anything safely solo in EVE (though can you count it solo if you have a Rorq and a Tengu online for just boosters?), you’re probably kidding yourself. You’d probably be better off with a PvP Tengu standing by to cover you. Or a PvP Drake set to jam and scram.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It just amazes me how much that guy don’t know about EVE, and with what authority he speaks of something that he never did, or will do in his life.

    I would like to see a fleet of BS sitting in a belt in null. Jee, I maybe jump some 40 jumps with a sizable group of friends to pay a visit.

    But a “lone wolf” like him will never understand what you can achieve with a couple friends and some good contacts.

    • Anon says:

      He neither mines nor PvPs and yet that doesn’t stop him from authoritatively theorycrafting goofy ideas.

      As one of his commenters notes, why not just use Covetors, which have similar mining yields and are effectively disposable considering insurance payouts?

      • SynCaine says:

        Listen, if Gevlon just blogged what could be found in 10sec of Googling, his ‘ISK for dummies’ blog would be a very boring place. We should be encouraging him to continue ‘educating’ us about EVE, least we lose a great source of entertainment.

        • kalex716 says:

          That post is arm chair strategy at its worst…

          I can sit back right now and dream up a scenario where a large enough Belicose fleet rules all of New Eden, and it would be a fierce underdog in comparison to the garbage that this post represents…

        • Anon says:

          Indeed, he is “All ISK’d Up, And Nowhere To Go”

  3. dsj says:

    For a good stretch Gevlon is entertaining until you get to post like these that are so far outside his experience that you are largely wasting your time reading them. The most amusing part is he appears to believe that the idea of bringing a bigger ship to solve a problem is something that no one in EVE has ever thought of before.

    He has great skills in working the market. His plans for larger social engineering worked somewhat in WOW basically because the system is such a simple one that a few tricks can redirect the morons. In EVE I doubt he will make any headway as he did in WOW.

  4. Shadow says:

    I like his WH idea. We should TOTALLY convince HAHA to do this.

  5. wloire says:

    “Make Null sec safe from small gangs.”

  6. bonedead says:

    I’m surprised he’s not playing Diablo 3 and owning the morons and slackers on the rmah!

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