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The Civilization V expansion, Gods and Kings, is a very nice EXPANSION to the game. How rare these days… A nice overview of the two main additions, religion and espionage, can be found at Mashable.

I’m only one game and 300ish turns in, but I like what I’ve seen so far. The new take on religion seems far more ‘natural’ than what was done in Civ IV, as well as being more gamey. Getting to design your religion’s bonuses not only makes the whole thing have more impact, but nicely skirts the issue of making one religion ‘better’ than another in terms of bonuses. Now if you make Islam awesome and Judaism suck, you are the terrorist and not the devs.

While religion is an important factor, espionage seems to be pretty minor. It’s allowed me to steal a few technologies, and see some cities, but it’s not been nearly as important as religion. Perhaps further into a game or with more experience this will change. That said, it’s a welcome layer to an already deep game, so its addition is positive overall IMO.

I’ve also noticed a fair amount of UI improvements, all of which (so far) are very nice. Performance-wise the game is better, although I’ve never been one who had major issues with the original game.

More civilizations is also always nice, and I feel like the new additions expand the strategic options well, rather than just adding civs for the sake of adding them with generic or non-unique units/buildings.

If you are a huge fan of Civilization, I’d recommend picking the expansion up. It more than adds enough to the game to rekindle interest and get you hooked. If you can wait, and don’t have Civ V with its DLC, indeed wait for the inevitable Steam bundle to save some cash.

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  1. Professer says:

    I still have my civ3 disks lying around somewhere, might dig into that. I’d play 5 if I weren’t broke, but you know.

  2. hevy says:

    Cool. Play EVE.

  3. jaggins says:

    I just got sucked through a brutal Civ V binge! Turn based strategy is so evil. “I just need to see what happens after I finish this one tech/unit/monument…”

    I agree the religion was a nice addition, though I mainly just pissed off me neighbors by converting their cities, and I was never really sure how much benefit that gave me. The spy system was sparse, but elegant. I would have liked a better way to retaliate when I busted tech thieves, as war in Civ 5 is not to be jumped into lightly.

  4. pkudude99 says:

    I like the new civs, especially the Carthaginians — free harbor in every city? And my ground troops can cross mountains too! No that’s no OP or anything. . . .

    I wasn’t impressed with the spying in the 1st game I played. Seemed like it was really just a way for the npc’s to steal your techs more than anything. I disabled it in my subsequent games.

    The religion thing seems better than I think it actually is. Yes, the bonuses sound nice until you look at it and realize it’s often based on “get 1 bonus for every 4 followers *in foreign cities only*” so the bonuses are very small at best, and like jaggins said — you had to do a lot of preaching and pissing off your neighbors in order to do it. That said, it was kinda fun to get into a Great Prophet preaching war against France during my latest game. I’d convert a city with my prophet, then he’d convert it back, and so on. Was silly, but kinda fun at the same time.

    All-in-all: Glad of the new civs, the new city-state types and missions are more interesting, and the skill tree revamp that made it worthwhile to use certain things becuz they’re not going to be obsolete when you get your very next tech is nice too. Even with that, I’d suggest that one waits for the bundle when it inevitably happens.

  5. Aerynne says:

    I found spying rather useful, though not for the tech stealing. In two separate games, my spies tipped me off to an imminent invasion, giving me time to build up my troops. I also found religion pretty useful, too, although probably more so if you actively build relationships with city states. If they are sufficiently in “awe” of you, they will request your missionaries, and the bonuses can start to add up.

    My favorite new civ is Maria Theresa of Austria – diplomatic marriages ftw.

  6. Sand says:

    i agree – gods & kings is awesome. all the more so because it’s an actual -expansion- not some bullshit “DLC” that should have been in the vanilla release. however… i was horribly disappointed by the new civs. the only one i would consider even decent is austria.

    consider: sweden – why in the fuck, especially with the much slower generation of great people in G&K would i ever want to gift a great person to a fucking city state? and to go and give it to gustavus adolphus, commonly considered the father of modern warfare… god damn.

    huns – if you’re gonna name a trait ‘scourge of god’, it better be goddamn badass. razing cities at twice the speed? and i get to name my cities from other civs’ name pool? well whoopty-fuck.

    netherlands – has anyone here ever traded luxury resources? ever? if you were inclined to, would you really trade away your last one?

    ethiopia – … combat bonus against people with more cities? so, a bonus for starving? roger that.

  7. Ephemeron says:

    “has anyone here ever traded luxury resources? ever?”

    Luxury resource trading was a standard tactic in 1.0 on higher difficulties. The AI would pay hundreds of gold per turn for a single resource, essentially financing your entire economy.

    • SynCaine says:

      Not to mention trading one resource for another allowed you to have a much higher happy cap, and trigger “We love the King” days in cities. So yea, traded them all the time, and being able to trade away your last one without losing it is a pretty huge bonus.

      • Sand says:

        you still lose half of it, and i’d rather conquer for resources i need than trade for them anyway. only time i’ve ever traded any resources was in multiplayer when i was playing with an ally. (e.g. 6-team)

    • Sand says:

      all right, i’ll buy that. i never tried trading with the AI; i find the comp players too schizophrenic to build a long-term relationship with. generally by the time i hit industrial age in single-player, i’m at war with everyone.

      • SynCaine says:

        At King difficulty and above I find the AI is a bit more ‘stable’, and only reacts when given a reason (though the reason might be that you are weak). At that level, it’s very tough to expand and keep people happy without trading for resources.

  8. sleepysam says:

    I have been on a Civ 5 kick for a couple weeks. Someone please help me.

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