I don’t think you know what the bear means

Short post day: sorry/you’re welcome?

MiltDavies is my new favorite commentator at Massively. Pure gold every time the guy types. If he had a blog I’d read it daily.

Also how has TESO not been cancelled yet? Fans bashing you for obvious reasons is one thing, but have we ever seen other game studios dump on something so far from release?

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  2. bhagpuss says:

    I haven’t been able to read the comments at Massively since they changed the commenting system. Obviously that’s a good thing.

  3. Bristal says:

    Seriously reads like an old “Mac v.s. PC”, or even a “Ford v.s. Chevy” rally.

    I don’t believe most have any idea why they play one MMO over another, or whether it has anything to do with “game philosophy”. So much more about time invested, familiarity, conditioning, and how your brain may work infinitesimally differently from mine.

    But really, let’s still scream at each other about how you don’t have the intellect to understand just how truly unique my video game experience is from yours.

    Surely that will get developers and investors to focus on something other than brand loyalty and make something that’s truly different.

  4. saucelah says:

    I saw some giant wall of text comment from him early this morning, but I had already skimmed one where he tries to split hairs about the meaning of features in order to justify the statement made by TESO dev. I did enjoy the commenter that called him out for an inability to acknowledge the root of the argument just because Eve was involved tangentially, despite that accepting what they had to say would not involve accepting Eve.

    And it really is just the ultimate whiny copout. Literature is thousands of years old — there are still innovative writers breaking new ground. Dance, music, art: all thousands upon thousands of years old. Still innovating. MMOs are about 15 years old and have covered everything under the sun in every conceivable way? Sure.

  5. adam says:

    No innovative features left in the MMO space. Really?

    What universe is ZeniMax inhabiting? Goodness, that game is doomed.

  6. Dril says:

    You’ve only just noticed him? Too slow, my man, too slow.

    I’ve already had at least 3 of my responses to him deleted on the grounds of insulting personal attacks (then again, I’m not sure it really matters, his ego is amazingly immune to all forms of logic, rational thinking and empirical evidence).

    • kalex716 says:

      Every time I see that dickweed post anywhere on that site, I get one inch closer to putting massively to bed forever next to Kotaku.

      One day, i’m gonna cross the line and that is gonna be it.

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