Yes yes, but how much for The One Ring already?

When did Turbine change its motto to “Bend over loyal players and take it”?

First $70 for a LoTRO expansion, and now $50 for DDO’s? Oh and be sure to pick up the half-orc race for just $20. So much for that whole ‘micro’ transaction thing huh? Damn.

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8 Responses to Yes yes, but how much for The One Ring already?

  1. mmojuggler says:

    WB is calling the shots now and apparently they are embracing “what the market will bear” philosophy for pricing.

  2. Endest says:

    CCP goes pay2win, breaking news…

    In a related story, unnamed EVE blogger’s head explodes

    • SynCaine says:

      What part is pay-to-win? The boosts you can also buy with in-game currency or the fluff skins?

      • Endest says:

        Just like every other p2w game out there you can grind for items in game or you can pay $$ to CCP instead.

        Love it when plan comes together…

        • SynCaine says:

          True P2W games you can’t grind certain power things. No amount of grinding gets you gold ammo in WoT. No amount of grinding gets you the premium items in Atlantica or Allods.

        • John says:

          And that’s where we draw the line here, Endest. It has to be impossible to attain, not attainable through the “ability to hyper-focus and to grind beyond the average tolerance of a human.” You know, *true* P2W.

  3. Signus says:

    They started bending over their fans when they changed the name of Middle Earth Online to LotRO, changed the tag line from “Live in Middle Earth” to “Fight in Middle Earth” and rewrote all the sandbox design to be a shameless linear WoW clone.

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