So close, yet so far

Heroes 6 is a good game if you enjoy that style of gaming. Looks good, plays well, etc.

Sadly its dev history is a little… spotty (and was actually the trigger for this post, though I never mentioned Heroes 6 directly). Patch 1.5 was a long time coming, and while the balance changes were nice, it was a little light considering how long it took to produce.

Oh, and it also borked the game. Whoops.

No worries though, the 1.5.1 fixes the issue. And creates a new one. Whoops x2.

And as nice as town screens are, the fact that Heroes 6 shipped without simultaneous turns in multiplayer is atrocious. That it’s months later and the game STILL does not have them, or even plans to introduce them, is beyond words.

My frustration with Heroes 6 is similar to my frustration with Darkfall or Atlantica; all three are very enjoyable games that really do a lot of things well, but are made unnecessarily difficult to enjoy. Heroes 6 for its spotty support, Darkfall for its lack of updates, and Atlantica for its business model.

Is it really too much to ask for devs to make a solid game and not screw it up at some point?

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6 Responses to So close, yet so far

  1. Machination says:

    Yes. Holding out for Titan.

  2. Sand says:

    it’s ubisoft. yes, yes it is too much to ask.

  3. Sullas says:

    Agreed particularly on the multiplayer, which renders into nonsense Ubisoft’s hamfisted attempts to create an online community around the game. Their refusal to synch local saves to the cloud was another turn-off, and a backhanded form of always-online DRM.

    The other night, for a retro kick, I played a couple of hours of multiplayer on the 2008 remake of Sid Meier’s Colonisation, with smooth simultaneous turns and solid gameplay. Is the genre just a casualty of low attention spans? Total War aside, it could really use some love.

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