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Honest Pay-2-Win

Quick note before I get to the topic for today: Is it just me, or is The Witcher 2 freaking hard? I have the game on Normal after doing the tutorial, and I’m getting my ass handed to me every … Continue reading

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So close, yet so far

Heroes 6 is a good game if you enjoy that style of gaming. Looks good, plays well, etc. Sadly its dev history is a little… spotty (and was actually the trigger for this post, though I never mentioned Heroes 6 … Continue reading

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Atlantica Online is now super ‘accessible’

Atlantica Online is not the game it was when I played it back in late 2008. It’s still got the combat system, and graphics, and all of that. It still has the same initial quest structure, town system, pops up, … Continue reading

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Atlantica Online is on Steam, still sadly F2P

Atlantica Online is now on Steam, which triggered “hey let’s see if Atlantica is as good as I remember it”, with the bonus that I’m playing it with my wife this time. I feel like Atlantica holds a very special … Continue reading

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Preying on the weak

I have a friend who is in the 1%. No, not the Occupy nonsense, but the 1% of F2P players that spend a silly amount of money in the cash shop. He is the guy who buys up every DLC … Continue reading

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You should return those glasses to their rightful owner

Syp over at Biobreak has a post talking about the pre-2003 MMO market and todays, and how you can’t pay him enough to go back to that time. First I find this odd, as looking at his About page, I’m … Continue reading

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It’s only a problem if you can’t afford it

I find the discussion around gold ammo/tanks/accounts in WoT fascinating for a number of reasons, and the subject reveals a lot about gamers and their tolerance for different things, especially in a PvP game. First let’s start with some facts. … Continue reading

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