How I paid for my vacation

I knew buying Zynga was a brilliant move!

At some point, one of these ‘expert analysts’ is going to mention that, perhaps, in order to make money in the gaming sector, you might want to try making a good game, right? Wait what’s that…

“At the end of the day, though, virtual goods might not be a viable business strategy. People eventually stop spending money in virtual goods and want to spend that money on real goods.” – Mr. Gartenberg


Bigger waste of oxygen: the 10k Farmville player, or whoever pays money to get such ‘expert analysis’ as the above?

Dear Mr. Gartenberg, I’m pretty damn sure people are going to be spending money on virtual goods going forward. Virtual vs real goods is not the issue. Shitty goods (virtual or not) vs quality goods is. It’s much easier to sell a quality good than a shitty one (10k farmers aside).

Shocking: A business model based around peddling shitty goods in mass quantities and then using now-banned methods to trick people out of their money is not doing well.

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6 Responses to How I paid for my vacation

  1. theJexster says:

    Reminds me of the guy who said if EA Bio with Star Wars can’t make money, no one can. He negated to mention the fact that the game was an abomination, and that most gamers are not the mindless farmville like masses who are happy to eat spoon after spoon of garbage games that look like the stuff I played in 1988.

    • Machination says:

      It’s not that the players want to play something mindless… just that it’s psychologically calculated to make you forget that it is. If you or I picked up a Zynga game we certainly wouldn’t be having any fun, but we could just as easily get sucked into it if we weren’t careful.

      My gripe is that these are often the very first game for someone. It kind of skews perception of what games are for that bunch.

  2. Paragus says:

    You picked the wrong week to go away.

  3. Everblue says:

    Don’t Riot make their LoL money via the sale of virtual goods?

    • professer says:

      Yeah, they sell the playable characters.

      Zynga is just doing it wrong.

      P.S. We miss you syncaine. Or I do at least. This is one of the few MMO blogs I still read.

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