DF:UW – Inquisition and you

As previously mentioned, Inquisition will be going all-in on Darkfall: Unholy Wars come Nov 20th, which is rapidly approaching. So rapidly, in fact, that AV should have released more info about it, but hopefully this is just another case of AV being AV and not something more sinister like DF:UW not actually being ready for the 20th. As the real cure for all that ails the MMO genre, a delay would be earth-shatteringly bad for all of humanity. Your prayers are appreciated towards this most holy (yet unholy, :rimshot:) cause.

And as Darkfall is not a flawed-at-the-core MMO that restricts you from playing with others because the devs are lazy (themeparks), having more people is never a bad thing. And so long as those people are actually people you want to hang out with, like all of us upstanding folks in Inq (myself aside, since, you know, I’m evil and all that), the more the merrier.

So this is that rare, once-in-a-lifetime chance to join us, assuming you are indeed cool and upstanding (or evil, always room for evil), and become a member of Inquisition for Darkfall and beyond. You’re welcome.

Aside from offering the chance to hang out in vent with me (just don’t talk to me unless you’re in full epics, thanks), you will also be joining a long-standing and very stable MMO gaming community with strong ties to developers and key community figures, as well as a clan in Darkfall that is going to actively do stuff and be part of big things, all while understanding that most people have a life and it’s not entirely devoted to gaming.

Just over a month to go until MMO gaming is saved. Do you have a proper place to celebrate?

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23 Responses to DF:UW – Inquisition and you

  1. Victor says:

    Can’t wait, hope to join you guys

  2. bonedead says:

    Very tempting, may or may not have a boner.

  3. corehealer says:

    Maybe, need to go through my closet and find some welfare epics first so I can ask nicely.

  4. This game will kill WoW!1111!

  5. I would like to try DF:UW. dunno if I’ll stay, but I want to give this game it’s fair chance in the sun. Would it be okay to join you guys or send an app?

  6. Steel H. says:

    Maybe offtopic, but speaking of MMOs, sandboxes, and evil:

    Awaken again, ye evil blogging overlord, for there is blasphemy on the internet (again):

    “To make it worse (and this is where the bad marketing kicks in), EVE is marketed as “sandbox”, which means that the developers did not create a proper victory condition. Was it simple laziness, lack of ideas or being afraid of losing the various roleplaying groups by telling that they aren’t winning, I don’t know.”

  7. Joes says:

    Are you guys in INQ mostly European or North American – this will obviously affect playing times?

    I also have a general question about Darkfall – is the game driven by the economy? From my experience, what makes EVE tick is the economy; whether it’s an end in itself (become rich) or a means to an end (it’s expensive to do cool stuff). From my very brief experience with Darkfall, the game was driven more by conquest than economic considerations. I just feel that a sandbox with a strong economy have a much stronger appeal and the potential to retain players for longer.

    • SynCaine says:

      We are an NA clan.

      As for the economy, in DF1 it was a factor more-so than most MMOs, but not to the level of EVE. AV has said they tweaked it for DF:UW, but I still would not expect it to get to EVE-levels.

  8. Jack says:

    Syncain, from what very little I know about Darkfall it looks like it could be interesting, but it always seemed unfirendly to new players. My question is as someone who likes themepark MMOs, whats the appeal of Darkfall:UW?

    • SynCaine says:

      That’s a tough question to answer directly. What do you like about themeparks? What do you like about MMO X, and what are you hoping to get out of a game but are not?

      Games like EVE and DF are only difficult for new players if they don’t get involved socially, or approach the game as they would a guided themepark that is highly solo-focused.

      • Jack says:

        I mainly play WoW but I dabbled in SwtoR at the request of a friend. The main thing that I enjoy about WoW and I guess theme park MMOs in general is: I can have fun regardless of wether I chose to be social or not. Somedays I just want explore the world and not be bothered, Somedays I’ll meet someone killing the same mobs as me and quest with them for a while if they agree to group up. There are times when grouping works in my advantage( Kill X quests, raids, PvP) and times when solo is the better choice( nod farming). I have the choice to pick how I want to play though and I never got into EVE because I felt too dependent on other people, none of whom were pleasant in chart, to do anything of merit. Darkfall seems like a game that can provide intresting open world PvP game play, but I’m worried that in trying to get a more robust open world PvP game I would end with the same problems I got when I played WoW on a PvP server: at a certain point I want to stop fighting( or getting ganked) but I want to keep playing and the constant player combat is preventing me from having any fun. I almost quit playing WoW because I was on a PvP server( at the request of a friend)

        • SynCaine says:

          To be honest, if a WoW PvP server turned you off, you would not last long in DF. In addition to more people focusing on PvP, you also lose your gear when you die.

          You can do some solo stuff successfully, but the mindframe always has to be that someone is going to come around and gank you, and I don’t get the sense that you would accept that.

  9. bonedead says:

    I’ll be there, honkey.

  10. preben says:

    darkfall, population 0.

  11. Maineiac says:

    You know I’m in!

  12. Dà Chéng says:

    “Just over a month to go until MMO gaming is saved.”

    How’s that coming along?

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