AV confirms DF1 players will recieve DF:UW for free

Aventurine today confirmed that anyone who had a Darkfall 1 account will receive Darkfall: Unholy Wars for free. Nice move on AV’s part, especially considering that those who played on the EU server had to rebuy DF to play on the NA server. I’m curious if they will keep the sub price at the current reduced rate, or return it to $15.

Also the wipe was confirmed, for the few mutants who actually thought they might not wipe. Obviously a good move, whether the skill systems actually aligned or not. Now AV just needs to take a hard line on exploiting and swing the banhammer often to avoid many of the issues that plagued the early EU days.

Inquisition will be hitting DF:UW full-force. DF1 EU was the most fun we have had in an MMO for years, and beyond DF:UW the outlook for solid MMOs looks pretty bleak. Among the DF community, a lot of old names have returned to the forums, and old guilds seem to have popped back up again and are preparing.

All of this leads me to believe that come launch, DF:UW will have a very solid population, and that itself drives so much of the content. Nov 20th can’t come soon enough.

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6 Responses to AV confirms DF1 players will recieve DF:UW for free

  1. corehealer says:

    Syncaine, is there any place on the internet where one can find out more about DF:UW? Specifically the details of how it’s different from DF1, what new races there are, what new skills there are, etc.

    My Google-fu can only find brief write ups on that announcement video from a few weeks ago. And Aventurine’s site and blog haven’t got anything that I can find.

  2. Dril says:

    Will there be a box price for those who don’t have DF1 or will I just be able to sub and go?

    • Anonymous says:

      They havent said purchase specifics / costs of DF:UW yet. A DF1 Client costs $10 right now, and comes with a free month of play. My suggestion would be to just get an account now…

      @ SynCaine, nice to see this. Since you got an EVE binge I stopped checking your blog more than every few months. Just now saw that you still pay attention to DF so nice to see INQ will be back in game….

      Hopefully not only are you right that Pop will be good, but also hopefully AV fixed enough of the BS that it sticks around more than a couple months this time!

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