DF:UW – The first two days

Quick report on my first two days of DF:UW for today.

Installing and patching the game went smoothly for me, in large part thanks to a private Torrent that an OTG member had setup for us to use. I would occasionally experience the lobby not connecting, but that never required more than 2-3 quick restarts to get around.

Once in-game, I created my character and started in Maharim lands. This worked out very well because OTG had already claimed a hamlet just to the south, and were also using a nearby chaos stone (unlimited character binds) with a bank as a base of operations. A quick run and I was bound to the stone and surrounded by clan members.

A cool little ‘sandbox’ aspect comes into play here. Because so many OTG members were bound to that chaos stone, we effectively ‘owned’ the surrounding area, as we would attack any strangers who came around. This has two almost opposite effect; one being that we can effectively farm together in safety and away from the over-populated starter areas, and the other being that we have now created a mini PvP hotspot, with various groups coming to our area looking for a fight.

Most of my time so far has been spent farming either mobs or resource nodes. The mob farming is helping raise my prowess while supplying some basic gear and gold. The resource nodes provide some nice downtime that also gets me some prowess and mats for crafting. Almost everything I’ve acquired has gone to the clan bank, as OTG has a few crafters we are ‘power leveling’ up to get everyone access to better gear. So far, that plan is working very well, and I believe we are up to r30 or r40 gear in most areas.

I’ve done a bit of PvP, and so far it’s been a blast. Most of the encounters have been a few unlucky fools attacking our members at a mob spawn, only to have 10+ people show up in force and beat them down. What we lack in skill we make up for in numbers without shame.

Most of the time anyway.

Late last night a small group of enemies attacked some of our members and managed to kill most of them. Our usual response managed to kill two or three of them, and a large (20+?) number of us chased the rest. As we chased however, the enemy was able to recover and their group of about ten fought back. As we were fighting some of the server’s best players, we got butchered in short order despite our superior numbers.

The best part was the clan’s reaction after the blowout. After a quick recount of what happened and what could have been done differently, everyone brushed off the defeat and instead focused on the fact that we had an enjoyable PvP encounter. Zero drama, zero raging; good stuff.

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3 Responses to DF:UW – The first two days

  1. Spidubic says:

    Darkfall may not be my cup of tea but I enjoy reading of your adventures there.

  2. Mobs Deep says:

    Im about to pick this up I wanna get in touch with you in game. Hit me up on Steam dude.

  3. Gavin says:

    I had a look at DF about a year ago. Registered a trial and quite enjoyed it. Found the UI hard to work with, but eventually got used to it.

    I never even tried to join a clan. However I did enjoy my time running around there.

    I’d be very keen to find some sort of breakdown of the differences between DF1 and 2.

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