DF:UW – Zerging Massively

Niche, yo.

(This weekend has been ridiculously fun in-game for me. Monday should have a great post or two. Yarr!)

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  1. Oh wow. I was not expecting that. Goodjob! :D

  2. Becca says:

    Having finally gotten around to playing Unholy Wars, there’s one thing they didn’t change from the first incarnation that I *really* wish they would have, that would have improved the gameplay a million times.

    They need to unlink the banks. I’m cool with having main town banks as a safe place to store things, but the ability to instantly teleport items like that takes away a lot of gameplay opportunity, the kind of gameplay I LOVED in EVE.

    Imagine your clan farmed up enough mats to get at least basic development for a holding, walls and tower. But to make sure it was safe, they stored it all at a safe town rather than at the holding it self which could theoretically be taken. But now they’ve got their mats, and they’re good to go. Instead of just opening up the bank at the holding and popping it out safely, they’d have to build a caravan, arm their guards, and make travel at slightly less than regular mount speed. Maybe, if their holding was too far away, it could be a multi day operation, going from safe city to safe city until they were close enough to make that final move. Not only would it provide a great team experience, but it would also allow for interesting ganking opportunities.

    This would even work on the smaller scale: a clan recruits a new member, but all that member’s stuff is on the other side of the world. Well, that guy will dump some of it probably, but the important stuff will have to be hauled, probably solo, over a few trips. Does he stick to the roads where there’s potential bandit camps? Or stay in the wilderness, where the odds of being ganked are less, but the path is less well defined and if there *IS* a gank, they might be less likely to see it coming?

    • SynCaine says:

      Yea local banking is something people pushed for. I’m 50/50 on it. I see the benefits like you stated above. I also see some major issues with it (clan loses holding, loses everything the clan ever owned? That would increase the rage-quit levels like crazy)

      • rebeccagetsfrid says:

        Keep some backup supplies at the nearest protected city. If you know that someone’s going to be fucking with your holding, take as much out as you can in secretly planned convoy operations. Worst case scenario, you lose some of your stuff and have to engage in *more* pvp, in your own sieges, to either take back the holding, or take someone else’s and all the stuff they left behind.

  3. sid6.7 says:

    The issue I see here is that unlike EvE, “death” occurs very frequently in Darkfall. EvE also has high-sec and null-sec areas that allow such a system to thrive.

    But mostly I’m against it because of how it would impact the core end game mechanic of the game — sieges. Darkfall is simply too fast-paced (with frequent deaths) to bog it down w/ localized banking.

    That said, I do think things like zap towers in the NPC cities should be implemented for “reds” once the clan holdings are more established.

    • rebeccagetsfrid says:

      I’d say that if played the same way, there’s not that much more killing in darkfall. There is a LOT of death in EVE, all the time: http://eve-kill.net/

      With the time I *have* gotten in with Darkfall, the only deaths were to me doing dumb things solo, which is also where most of my EVE deaths came from: http://eve.battleclinic.com/killboard/combat_record.php?type=player&name=Parleion

      The time I spent farming prowess with the clan was very EVE-like: we had scouts at certain clan waypoints, designated fall back zones, and throughout about 12 hours of play (in one session, ugh :/ ) we had two losses. We weren’t zerging, there were maybe 15 of us, and we were split between two spawns. But we communicated, reacted well, and followed orders. If you play smart, you don’t die, in either game. And if you do die, it’s because the other guy earned it, and as a player I have no problem with that.

      • Beleg / Paxx says:

        You can certainly die to PVP while killing mobs in Darkfall. However, the overwhelming number of deaths come in PVP. At the “end game” of Darkfall (at least DFO), you don’t do a lot of mob killing. It’s mostly PVP. And dying 3, 4, 5, … 10 times a night is not uncommon. What Syncaine said is right — too much death in DF for local banking.

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