DF:UW patch, Civ expansion

A new and fairly important patch has hit DF:UW today. Initial reactions are positive, which is saying something considering the link is to ForumFall. I’ve been pacing myself in DF of late; I’m currently at 57k prowess with a few feats worth 15k just about done (villains, menhirs). Still trying not to be terrible at PvP, mostly failing.

I’ve had a game of Civ V: Brave New World going most of the day (working from home) in basically semi-afk mode (no wars, little to do per turn). So far I’m really liking the new additions. They are easy to get into, but I can see how they will really add a lot of depth and unique strategy.

As for the blog itself, it’s been slow mostly due to RL being busy (which won’t get better as I’m on vacation all next week) and the above mentioned working from home thing. At home I’m more likely to have something up in the background than I am to write a blog. I’ll have to work on that, because I’m not short for topics or content, just time.


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  1. Coeur-de-fer says:

    A positive development indeed. Enough to get me back in and pottering around.

    On a related note, is OTG recruiting? I can’t really make the kind of commitment that the previous clan expects of its members, and am in the market for a more relaxed, yet still active, community.

  2. Anonymous says:


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