BloodBowl reminder

See previous post for details, but we still need at least one team to put our league together. Anyone?

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  1. Everblue says:

    If you or anyone else is looking for a league then I am an admin at the largest online league – the Orca Cola Championship and I’d also welcome anyone interested to come and join us over there:

    We have around 300 coaches in the league, games are weekly, and the standard varies from beginner in the lower leagues to some of the best players around (that’s not me!) nearer the top.

    Season 19 finishes next Tuesday and we then have a couple of weeks to sort the seedings out before divisions are posted for next season, and so now is the perfect time to sign up if interested.

    Also the mighty Bear Hunters, killer chaos team and scourge of the higher tiers for the past 15 seasons have finally been forced into retirement, and so the league is (slightly) less violent than it was. With your help we can reverse this carebear trend.

    All welcome…!

  2. Duke of O says:

    Hi Syncaine.

    I’m interested in playing but I live in the Oceanic time zone which means I can only do Fri/Sat evenings US time consistently for games (or early early mornings US time, which would be evening for me in Japan). If this is OK with your league I would like to sign up.

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