Is it Bloodbowl time again?

Thanks to a Steam sale a few weeks ago, I picked up Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition, and have been slowly getting myself back into the game. I few people have asked me about running another league, so here is the post to see if there is enough interest.

The league will be run much the same way it was before, one match a week, organized through the Inquisition message board. Vent will be available but not required. League is open to anyone, regardless of skill level, and those of you with the Legendary Edition can play with Chaos Edition players (you just won’t be able to create one of the 3 new teams, but you can play against them). If you played before your old account is still active and all teams have been retained.

If you have never played the game I still highly recommend it. It’s a turn-based strategy game with an American football ‘skin’ set in the Warhammer fantasy world. Matches take between 30-45min depending on the players. The system reqs for the game are pretty low considering the initial game is now rather old, but due to that it’s bug-free for the most part (I’ve not run into any) and now contains a great variety of teams. There is still a pretty active community playing the game, so matches are very easy to find online, and the auto-matchmaking works well.

If you are interested please comment, and if I can get at least 5 others I’ll get the league rolling.

I’m Syncaine in the game, so feel free to friend me to chat or play a game.

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12 Responses to Is it Bloodbowl time again?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’d be game. I’ve been co-running a league with friends ever since a buddy found Legendary as part of the Be Mine 8 bundle deal, and certainly wouldn’t mind joining another.

  2. I have the legendary editon myself but only play single player with an awesome chaos team. It helps that 5 players are lvl 7 while the rest if lvl 6.
    I admit to cheating though because I used to alt-F4 if any of my players died because there is no way afford a replacement player.

  3. Mig says:

    The undefeated (ties, lol) Waaaghburgh Steelers are down for more bbowl fun.

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  5. morganic says:

    I would certainly be interested as my last league with friends kind of fizzled out, but I am away on vacation 9/27-10/7 so that doesn’t work too well.

  6. Mark says:

    Any advice on a guide or something to help me with the game? I played it briefly awhile back but felt like I needed a bit more help even though I played the tabletop version.

  7. Everblue says:

    One of the more talented coaches from BB tactics streams his games, with commentary.

    Some quite high level play on there. Might give you some pointers!

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