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Star Citizen: Whale-sized expectations

There is only one option for Star Citizen at this point; it’s going to be a huge explosion. Now, that explosion could be a birth of an awesome MMO, or it could give us the greatest rage bubble burst of … Continue reading

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Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition review

More tales from the Steam sale, this time a very positive one; Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition. When BG:EE was first announced, I was excited about it. Then as more news on what exactly was going to get enhanced came out, … Continue reading

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EQNL preview went about as well as expected

I picked up Castle Story off Steam because :Steam Sale:, and while the game itself is not really worth your time, it has provided today’s blog content, so we have that going for us. Castle Story is a voxel-based “build … Continue reading

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