This is what I’m working with…

Per ForumFall:

EVE online is a hybrid theme park game with the biggest safe zone of any pvp mmo ever in existence. EVE has sandbox elements that are manifested in 0.0 space where alliances can drop permanent stations that can then be taken by warring alliances. This is very sandboxy but in truth every single member of any alliance in eve is able to utilize the massive safe zone(empire) to make as much money as they want in safety. As a player you can become rich solo, with a corp, or with an alliance in relative safety, much more so than in DFUW in its early days or now. Eve is truly only a sandbox in terms of its market, and its developers have never fucked with that, they have only ever added content. DFUW can learn from that last bit.

How can that much dumb be squeezed into one paragraph?

Edit: Above quote is from someone who played on a PvP server in EQ1 and considers that ‘real PvP’. Totally makes sense now. (And yes, this too is SOE’s fault).

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  1. “Above quote is from someone who played on a PvP server in EQ1 and considers that ‘real PvP’.”

    And he was probably pissed back then that players under level 5 couldn’t be attacked.

    That server was one of SOE’s best and worst ideas. It managed to isolate a ton of griefers from the rest of the population. On the other hand, there will be forever that guy on the forums for whom EQ PvP was the best thing ever and who wants a free for all PvP server in every game.

  2. Jenks says:

    Not commenting on whatever point he’s trying to make about EVE, but why wouldn’t EQ be considered real PVP? RZ was actually far too hardcore for me, but I had no problem PVPing in much more casual games like DAOC and Shadowbane.

    • Mobs says:

      I am gonna have to step in on that one.. Shadowbane was not casual in really anyway. EQ had real PvE while SB has basic functional PvE and mostly focused on city building and FFA PvP… That said: R.I.P. Full Loot PvP ;(

    • SynCaine says:

      EQ1 PvP was a tacked on throwaway by SOE that used abilities and classes intended for PvE in PvP, during the time when UO and AC-DT where at or near their peak, at least until DAoC came out.

      • Jenks says:

        It was poorly conceived which made it far too hardcore for me. The idea of item loss/loot for PVP in EQ was just a bad idea, considering how difficult items are to attain. It works much better in a game with throwaway gear, like Shadowbane. The only two games I’ve played where you could lose as much in PVP as you could in EQ were UO (because of houses) and Eve.

        Games that have different skillsets for PVP and PVE aren’t really worth my time. Even “PVP stats” are almost enough to turn me off from a game. Too video gamey. Besides, the fact that it wasn’t designed as a PVP first game means UO wasn’t a real PVP game, which obviously isn’t true.

  3. SergeantJohn says:

    He’s using “safe” in some strange new way that includes hisec’s 23/7 suicide-ganking of any freaking ship a suicide gang feels like taking out. And declared wars. And bounties.

    • Ephie says:

      Technically speaking, you can be perfectly safe in highsec. Just sit in a market hub all day, making money through scams and station trading, and never undock on that character.

  4. says:

    Hey, if you can’t use the crouch animation to make it look like you’re teabagging the corpse of the low level character you just ganked, it ain’t real pvp.

  5. dachengsgravatar says:

    Are you still playing DFUW? I’d love to hear some updates on it

    • SynCaine says:

      I’m not. Waiting for AV to give people a reason to play it. Currently, I’ve ‘finished’ it. Still playing ForumFall though.

      • Raelyf says:

        Out of curiosity, what are you playing? I’ve been getting a stronger and stronger itch for a good MMO, and I just can’t find anything worth playing except EVE, which I’m burned out on.

        • SynCaine says:

          A lot of non-MMO stuff. LoL (plat finally, whooo), Payday 2, Blackguards, a bit of Rust still, Skyrim, Tower Wars. Looking forward to the upcoming release of Banished.

          I’m testing out Mortal Online (still pretty bad), occasionally change stations in EVE, and for reasons still unclear to me, waiting for ESO.

          Only MMO really on my horizon is Pathfinder Online, as I like a lot of what they have said lately (in large part because its a lot like the ideas in my PvE Sandbox series).

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