EVE: CCP you are the worst, besides everyone else

Jester has, as always, a great post up about the reaction to the real life EVE monument CCP recently unveiled, which as his post shows, has largely been negative. EVE is famous for having lots of bitter vets, and as the only MMO to still be growing after more than a decade, many of those players truly are vets, and truly are bitter.

His post however reminded me how good EVE players have it compared to everyone else. For example take this complaint:

I think this boring and featureless statue symbolize EVE expansions.

EVE receives two free expansions every year, plus point releases between those expansions that do more for the game than what some MMOs call expansions they charge you for. Oh how I wish DF:UW got such ‘boring and featureless’ expansions. Hell, I’d take just one, or even half.

Doom and gloom fills every MMO forum. It’s what players do. The happy ones are playing, the unhappy are posting, regardless if your game is a dumpster like SW:TOR or the blueprint like EVE. That said, EVE players should take a step back once in a while and look around the genre. You really wouldn’t trade CCP for anyone else. Not the interns who gave us space goats and pandas. Not the wing factory of monthly embarrassments and flip-flopping. Not someone who burns $300m on a pillar of trash and sells you hotbars. Not the authors of the manifesto of lies. Not the ad-spam One-Ring sellers. Not the fools in white shades, or the ones to put a bullet in the head of an MMO shortly after release.

Be glad CCP runs EVE. It could be a lot, lot worse.

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7 Responses to EVE: CCP you are the worst, besides everyone else

  1. No kidding. Also, at a time when other companies are shutting games down, it is nice to see one company building a permanent monument to their game. I like the commitment factor as much as the coolness factor.

  2. bcd says:

    It reminds me of my time in WoW, about when the others MMO started to pop up everywhere… how people who complained daily about what was broken with WoW then returned from their visits to the competition after some weeks. And they had realized, that – while WoW had a lot of room for improvements – it wasn’t that bad and did a lot of things well.

  3. carson63000 says:

    Gaming would be a pretty cool hobby if it weren’t for all the gamers.

  4. Jenks says:

    I’m a very casual capsuleer but EVE expansions seem to keep true to the game.

    If you go back and play vanilla WoW, and play the casual shitshow that exists now, the dumbing down is as great or greater than SWG pre/post NGE. I guess when you do it over 10 years and multiple expansions it’s okay, overnight in one patch it’s a travesty. I *wish* its expansions were “boring and featureless.”

    • Rammstein says:

      Sorry, no. I played vanilla wow, and MC and BWL were hilariously easier than SoO heroic-mode raiding is. naxx40 was hard, yes, but harder than SoO heroic? No.

      1. What, you’re not talking about heroic-mode raiding? Then you’ve selected the easy mode for yourself, so wtf are you complaining about?
      2. You are talking about heroic mode raiding?–explain…

    • Davis says:

      Whoah hang on. WoW was ALWAYS a casual MMO. It’s gotten more casual over the years but they didn’t entirely change genres all of a sudden. DO NOT compare it to the NGE.

  5. I read the TMC article by Darius Johnson and completely disagree with his point of view. I could type a wall of text on why but people like Darius are unlikely to change their point of view anyway.

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