Tales from Steam: 90% off

So many questions about this.

Like what is the end-game here? Because at 50 cents a copy, no amount of sales is going to amount to anything here, so what’s the point?

90% off is a bit much. This kinda goes into the newish phenom of Steam sales, where 33% off is a pass, 50% is ‘normal’, and 75-80% is ‘a good deal’. For me 90% is too much. It’s kinda like how guys like when girls are a little aggressive, but TOO aggressive and its a turn off? 90% is that girl who you are embarrassed for in her desperation.

Bonus: How about the first review quote for this game huh? Gametunnel (who?) gave it a 73%, lets lead off with that!

Edit: Should have scrolled a little lower; this game is 90% off and now 29 cents.

PS: Considering buying it since it has Steam cards.

PPS: Not really but sorta. Only thing actually holding me back is that if I did, it would be officially admitting I have a problem, and I’m not at rock bottom yet.




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7 Responses to Tales from Steam: 90% off

  1. sleepysam says:

    Loss leader.

  2. sid6.7 says:

    Tolbold had a post a while back on how many games bought via Steam go unplayed by those that buy them.

    My Steam library is very small but I’ve played 100% of the games for at least 20+ hours. I never buy games based on “sales” and only will buy something “off sale” if I want to play it.

    Whereas, I think a lot of the Steam customer-base is addicted to sales shopping in the same way women are accused of buying shoes or clothes. The high is in the “buy” and not in the game.

    To me, a 90% off game is just a reflection of it. The game will sell a ton (even more now that you linked it) and most of the people won’t play it but what the hell — it’s only $0.50.

    As for the price, well — I think some games are just coming down to the price of games on the mobile and tablet marketplaces where a $1 title is not uncommon.

    • sid6.7 says:

      **and will buy something “off sale” if I want to play it.

    • SynCaine says:

      Those Steam unplayed numbers are pretty shifty though.

      For instance, I got all of the Warhammer RTS games in one purchase, and played the second title a good bit. But Steam counts every individual version/expansion of the first game as its own entity (so I have 6-7 unplayed games due to that), not to mention counting the second game’s 2-3 expansions as individual games (so even though I’ve actually played all of them, because I only use one icon to launch the game, it still counts a few as unplayed).

      That said I don’t doubt a bunch of people do in fact buy something specific (not in a bundle) and never actually play it, but I don’t think the number is anywhere close to what some of those Steam statistics suggest.

      Good point about the mobile games comparison with the price.

    • carson63000 says:

      Yeah when $1 for a new mobile app is not uncommon, selling a years-old game for 29c or 49c doesn’t seem so unreasonable.

  3. Gave gave a speech couple of years ago where he shared TF numbers – 90%off sale usually gives up to 495% sales growth in absolute dollars.

  4. scaramanga says:

    I look at my games the same way as my library,didnt read all books but when i want to read a specific one it is there.
    Its convenience, dont mind paying for that,also got the sharing enabled,so some games which i havent played yet see some playtime by my friends.

    And i get to play games which arent played by my friends yet,so it evens out a bit.
    Really liking the sharing feature, i own some 250 games but got access to some 1500 games,best feature on steam.

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