PFO: One leap back

And now another chapter in the saga that is: Pathfinder Online.

Is there decision to sell housing and such in the cash shop crappy? Yup. Especially because (I think) PFO is going to be a subscription game? Double yup if true.

But on the other hand, PFO was already super-borderline for me because in every video it looks like complete garbage, in both actual looks and in the ‘gameplay’ you are viewing. So the above news just kinda pushes the title further out for me, to the point where I would have to hear from someone respectable that the game is actually amazing.

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2 Responses to PFO: One leap back

  1. Kryss says:

    Cash shop with gameplay items in subscription game? Nice idea, they can have bad sides of F2P and P2P in one game!

  2. Kuviski says:

    Well, kinda starting to lose my faith in this game. On the other hand, there’s still plenty of time for things to change before the actual release.

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