WAR crafting prediction, and Civ4 multiplayer.

Warhammer released a bit of info about their crafting system. It sounds like all other crafting systems from un-released games: awesome, new and useful. Odds are good that come release it will be like all other crafting systems: boring, old, and worthless.

Clearly I’m not a fan of crafting, with only two games featuring crafting that I thought were something a bit beyond tacked on, those games being EVE and UO. Both games feature destructible items. Hmmm…

Back before the announcement that WAR would have crafting, I had hoped Mythic’s solution to crafting would be to just go without it and focus resources on more useful gameplay systems, but ah well. At least it sounds like we won’t see random nodes dotting the landscape, and since gear is less important in WAR than other games, it means crafting is that much more irrelevant. Win in my book.

In totally unrelated news, Civ4 multiplayer works amazingly well. Having played a few games with a buddy (I know, a little late to the Civ4 multiplayer party), the simultaneous turn style works better than I thought it would, and playing with another player only slows the normal pace of Civ by a small amount. Granted one game still takes 2-3 long sittings, but that’s not entirely unreasonable, and being able to chat on Vent while playing is a huge plus.

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  1. Nick Carraway says:

    I’m glad they decided to try something new, but it still sounds an awful lot like the standard crafting system.

    Every crafting system on earth comes down to the same thing:

    X + Y + Z = Bronze dagger.

    Now, adding a little bit:

    X + Y + Y + Z = Bronze dagger (+1 fire resist)

    And with a little more detail:

    (X + Y) + Z + (rare)X = Bronze dagger (+1 damge)(+1 mana regeneration)

    They’re the exact same system. Just a little more complex. It doesn’t make a difference, it’s the same thing. Just a fancy recipe to make a very specific item.

    Now, give me an INVENTION system, where you can actually develop things the developers have not thought of, and that would really get me exited. Of course, it would be agonizing to balance, but it would be so much fun!

  2. alcaras says:

    You should check out the Civ4 Multiplayer ladder at http://league.civplayers.com/ Pretty f un; games last about an hour or two (there’s a turn limit) and people don’t leave early since it’s a ladder. FFA, Duels and Team Games :)

  3. Talyn says:

    Are you not a fan of actually playing the crafting game? Or do you simply resent the games having crafting at all? Because that’s actually two different issues.

    Just as there’s a subset of players who love crafting and would rather spend their time doing that, there’s also a subset of players who despise the existence of crafting (and in turn, an economy) because they don’t like player prices. The GW system of crafting (gather the materials and pay the crafter NPC a fee) probably appeals more to those because prices are static. There’s the additional subset who believe all loot should be drops, no crafting, no vendors.

    I’m a huge fan of crafting, even when I choose to not actually play the crafting game. I love that LOTRO has (my made-up term) “relevant crafting” where the crafted items are still the best. Raid loot is slightly better, but only “better” when you’re actually raiding. Drops/quest reward loot is also extremely competitive with the crafted gear as well, so they have all bases covered.

    What I’d call a full “meaningful” crafting system (Syncaine might say “impact crafting?”) would be old SWG, or what Earthrise seems to be aiming for (possibly Fallen Earth too but I haven’t read up on that in awhile) where it’s a fully player-based economy; everything is crafted, and everything can be disassembled and its parts used to re-craft something else. Everything eventually deteriorates so items of every caliber should always be in demand.

  4. syncaine says:

    Crafting in most games is just too limited. Any game which allows you to keep items forever once you acquire them will have issues with crafting. Either you can craft the best stuff, and people seek those items out over PvP/PvE, or they are not the best, and are generally ignored (WoW).

    The reason crafting worked in UO and EVE was because all items could be destroyed, so even the most basic gear could be produced and sold due to demand. That also has a much greater impact on the economy than in a game with permanent items, as trade volume is much higher.

    That, plus my own personal experience with too many similar crafting systems that wasted a ton of time. Guess I’m just burned out on the old crafting model :)

  5. Swift Voyager says:

    In my experience, the more things you can choose to do in an MMO the better it makes the game. More choices of profession sound like a good idea because it makes it feel more like a world. I’ve heard that Eve is going to open up a whole new variety of professions when they release the Ambulation expansion (walking around in stations with an avatar). The details are a bit sketchy, but there’s supposed to be some new types of merchant/service provider professions for people who want to do things like open up a shop in the game. They’ve even mentioned some kind of tailor profession. I’m curious to see how much creative license they will give people who want to make clothing. They could just do the old crafting formula, but knowing CCP, I doubt it will be “normal”.

    Even if crafting isn’t the most fun or profitable part of an MMO, it’s still a viable game mechanic. It gives people an option to do something else for a while when they get tired of slaying dragons. The class-based games where you must create a character who specializes in crafting but can’t go out and adventure seems silly though.

  6. I agree with syncaine, games in which you can keep the items forever have bad crafting consequences.
    You’re not the only one burned out on the old crafting model!

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