2 million bot visits

According to the blog traffic tracker, which I’m sure is 100% accurate, this blog has recently surpassed 2 million views. That’s… something?

On the one hand if someone had told me when I first started this whole thing that I’d still be with it today and at 2 million, I’d call you crazy. On the other hand, 2 million views is what a random cat video gets in an hour on YouTube, so I’m not exactly printing it out and framing it up on my wall or anything.

But yea, 2 million.

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7 Responses to 2 million bot visits

  1. Isey says:


    In related news, Askimet has caught 10x the amount of spam messages in my blog than I actually have real comments. Mom is proud.

    2 million is a very cool accomplishment. I am personally responsible for over 1000 visits I am sure =)

  2. I know what you mean. Two million, it’s a number people! But I cannot exactly take that number to the bank and get some cash out of it or go to a publisher and expect a book deal.

    Still, numbers entertain me all the same. I’m coming up on another anniversary for my blog next month so I’ll be spewing a bunch of numbers for that as usual.

  3. sid6.7 says:

    I think I must account for 100,000 of those views and I don’t even like you… :P

  4. Tierless says:

    Congrats, still the best MMO blog name on the net!

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