AA: Housing rage will be just delighful

I’m very 50/50 on ArcheAge right now. Obviously my 30 minute review of it wasn’t glowing, but at the same time I’ve had multiple people tell me that once I get through the leveling garbage, the game is exactly what I would want in an MMO. That’s at least a little tempting. Plus it’s ‘free’ (post for another day) and other than playing FFXIV as a duo, I’m not exactly brimming with MMO options these days.

Easy prediction time though; the head start + housing situation is going to cause a lot of rage, as the prime spots will be picked up long before the first freeloader even gets a chance to create a character. I’m actually dying for this to happen, because there are few things funnier than hearing someone who hasn’t dropped a dime complaining about a service others pay for. The rage tears will be delicious.

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10 Responses to AA: Housing rage will be just delighful

  1. Mobs says:

    I am an Arccheum founder so I’m getting 90 days auto. I am marathoning till I get my house. Me and my friend are going to crank away till it’s done and I know right where I want it . I’m so fucking excited for head start. Large farm with a villa here I come! You can stay over and we can have slumber
    parties though

  2. bhagpuss says:

    “Freeloaders” don’t get to have houses at all as far as I know so that shouldn’t be a problem. Although of course it will anyway…

  3. Jenks says:

    Massively had an article that they might be adding some more races to the game. When that happens I might give it a go. I don’t like anything currently playable in the game (same reason I didn’t play GW2).

    • coppertopper says:

      Not even human? Or those giant lion/bear looking things? If you don’t like race designs in GW2 it must be the art style that doesn’t appeal to you.

      • Jenks says:

        I hate the art style. They could definitely design a race that appeals to me within it, though. Cat people don’t do it for me.

  4. Flub says:

    Freeloaders can’t own property anyway. You have to sub for that

  5. couillon says:

    Also an Archeum founder but I’m so unpulsed by launch day/week mmo’s that I’m thinking of giving AA a 3 month head start without me.

  6. GamerDroid says:

    I was very interested but now I just cannot support this kind of business model, i.e. weak P2W. It just feels like a massive cash grab with poor combat/PVP. Everything is tailored to making money, even after paying a subscription.

    The initial founders packs were telling enough; e.g. selling alpha packs on an already released game!!

  7. A concerned Minmatar says:

    I understand that you’re inactive from EVE, then. May I ask why?

    • SynCaine says:

      Still playing EVE Offline, but haven’t actively flown anything in a few months. Kinda lacking in direction, other than possibly jumping on for alliance Ops.

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