AA: Let me pay you for a premium server already Trion!

Another simple fix for the queue nightmare; open sub-only server(s).

Bonus option: Open a sub-only server for $25 a month with all F2P aspects of the game removed.

Thanks Trion, and you’re welcome.

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15 Responses to AA: Let me pay you for a premium server already Trion!

  1. Mobs says:

    Get in queue! I am at 200 now! I don thave to work for HOURS i am pumped. Get in there son

  2. You won’t remember all this in 4 months I guarantee

    • SynCaine says:

      Because I’ll have quit due to queue rage? :)

      (Also WoW had queue problems on certain servers for that long, so you never know)

      • John says:

        only that in wow you had to buy the game and subscribe…if Archeage was like this, trust me you wouldn’t have a single server with que because is just another ffa pvp Asian game

  3. Grotok says:

    I’ve been in queue for 4 hours, I assume you’ve subbed? Is it worth the wait?

  4. Scott says:

    Is it possible the queue actually helps the game?

    I mean – the longer you wait for something, the better it seems to be, as you want that wait to have been worth it.

    Also the main press right now is how the game is apparently sooooo awesome people are waiting hours and hours to get in.

    I would look up the relevant psychological and marketing links but I’m on my phone.

    • GamerDroid says:

      ‘Cognitive dissonance’. If you invest heavily in something then you will justify it; i.e. “I waited ages but it was worth it, [it has to be] (this part is implicit)”.

      The business model is absolutely everything that is wrong the genre at present; it’s the worst kind of capitalism. Not to mention having to queue for hours even when paying a sub. What a joke.

      I’m keeping my distance.

  5. silvertemplar says:

    All of this is a VERY catch 22, Trion can not put in more servers in place because how on earth will they EVER merge this ? The houses are in the open world, what if another player is already on the spot on the other server?

    So there is this real risk that in 3 months, servers are dead, houses are empty and the illusive “critical mass” of players are now missing.

    They will not be able to merge, they will have to force players to “transfer” by somehow packing up their houses and potentially having to start anew….

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