AA: Inquisition guild forum info

As ArcheAge has rather weak guild functionality in-game, guild forums will be more important than in most games for keeping us organized and letting people know what is going on.

Our forums can be found here.

Create an account and post an application in the correct forum. The forum mods are usually pretty quick on approval. Once that is done look up the Vent info and head on over to the ArcheAge sub-forum to get caught up. Also let anyone who you spot online know, because I believe we have a few non-readers in the guild (the scum).

Once people are signed up, I’ll be posting trade run nights, dungeon runs, and whatever else benefits from an organized group in AA. As we get more people to higher levels, we will be hitting the PvP zones as well, plus maybe some piracy!

Final note: Everyone currently in the guild has invite access, so if someone who wants to join is online, feel free to invite them into the guild, assuming they aren’t a mutant.

Edit: To see the ArcheAge sub-forum, you will need to post in the “Member Access” thread once you have your account created.

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  1. Facepalm says:

    Not sure if you still have spots, but after reading all your posts (especially Spiritual successor to UO) I’ve downloaded the game. Haven’t started yet but character name is Facepalm is you still have invites. Cheers!

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