CoC: Supreme Cream bringing out the failcascades

Quick Clash of Clans update time: Our last few wars have been absolute slaughters, and not worth putting stats or a report together for.

Most clans in the game are mass-invite clans, which by nature tend to be less organized and loyal. This, combined with the fact that most people just are not very good at the game, leads to poor attacks against us (zero stars) while we rack up a large lead due to our members being ready to attack a base they can 3-star. If we jump out to a big enough lead, the other clan effectively quits on the war.

This then starts a ‘failcascade’ where the clan starts to lose members, which means even fewer people able to attack us during the war, which results in everyone else in that clan not even bothering to attack. Our last three wars have been something along the line of 100-40, which is extra-nice for us since we can then use our second attack for loot rather than stars, making winning a war all that more profitable.

Hopefully at some point soon clan wars get a trophy-like system, where winning a war earns you trophies and losing one takes them away, creating some sort of ranking system. The current system is half-decent for creating even-looking wars before the fighting starts, but does nothing to account for past performance and clan consistency.

We, Supreme Cream!, are currently sitting at 43/50 members after a little spring cleaning of inactives. If you are at all interesting in the game and joining a fun group (everyone is a blog reader, so clearly a distinguished group minus Sam), apply and mention the blog.

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  1. sleepysam says:

    That was unnecessary carnage!, and well played .. I’ll take the shout out. I try not to drag us down too much.

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