WoW: They don’t make em like this anymore

Original model

Original model

Hello good looking

New model

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6 Responses to WoW: They don’t make em like this anymore

  1. Ranez says:

    Damn thats a good looking orc.

  2. A concerned Minmatar says:

    Memory is interesting. The moment I saw the picture, I remembered that the set is called “Wrath”, because that word popped into my mind. I can not remember any other tier set names from vanilla. Maybe if I see a picture?

  3. OldbitterVet says:

    I still remember the day I won wow. I’d been the top DPSer through out our progression through MC and BWL, hunter leader, and even kited 8 dragon kin on Razorgore victory. I once did 51% of the total DPS on Ony(18 man attempt, shitty tank). We’d started working on AQ 40, but I found it boring so I focused on finishing my dragon stalker set and getting the xbow of smiting. When the xbow dropped I bid 3 months of raiding DPK to get it over the other hunters. After that I went into BGs and killed a mage and warlock on a single multi shot from the xbow of smiting. I single handily defend frostwolf from an attack of 10-15 players for 30 minutes. After that I logged off wow and didn’t log in again until BC hit 5 months later.

  4. Kyff says:

    I hardly see any difference (besides the ponytail). But maybe that is your point.

    However, if you want to prove again that EVE 2014 looks like a 2014 game whereas WoW 2014 looks like a 2004 game, I want to remind everyone that gameplay beats graphics most of the time. Last I started a toon on an EQ Emu server and I am having a blast. Even though the character models are 1999.

  5. sleepysam says:

    Well done on the title. My smile thanks you.

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