Gaming mini-freeze

Waiting for my new PC means putting all of the games that don’t currently run 100% perfect maxed out (TW:Rome2, Age of Wonders 3, Farcry 4, M&B:Warband with silly combat size settings) on hold, and its getting a bit painful. Soon… soon.

That has freed up time to play Prison Architect (solid, worth buying/playing, but clearly not ‘finish’ yet), HEX (lot of fun), LoL, and Payday 2, plus whatever titles the Steam sale is going to offer up (hoping for a sizable discount on Folk Tale, Divinity, Wasteland 2, and some others.

Speaking of Steam, if you enjoy this blog and want to be a pal, feel free to toss me some/all of your Steam cards and such. That’s always appreciated. Gotta keep feeding the stupid hamster aspect of my humanity and pointlessly level up my account!

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