Farcry is a better virtual world than most games aiming to be virtual worlds

Cheap and short “I’m on vacation” blog post incoming.

The new PC is awesome, thanks for asking. Having everything on one large SSD drive is not only fast, but also convenient. No more worrying about which drive to put this game on, or where this large download is going to auto-place itself.

The two games I’ve been playing a lot lately are Total War: Rome 2 and Farcry 4. TW:R2 plus some DLC is as great as ever, and looking all that much nicer doesn’t hurt of course.

Farcry 4 continues the long line of “better sandbox than most MMOs” theme that has been on display for a few years now. Seriously, why is it that the ‘world’ in Farcry 4 is more open ended, more real, more alive, and just more fun than anything the genre that is supposed to be about virtual worlds is giving us?

That aside its also a very fun game overall. I never played Farcry 3, so everything is new to me (I guess Farcry 4 is basically 3 in a different setting?), and just the sheer variety of stuff, combined with solid execution, makes for enjoyable entertainment. Also this being the first game I’ve played to use an Indian setting is a breath of fresh air.

Regular posting to return next week, happy New Year everyone!

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6 Responses to Farcry is a better virtual world than most games aiming to be virtual worlds

  1. zaphod6502 says:

    FC4 is my personal GOTY for 2014. So much fun.

  2. cirdanx says:

    Farcry 4 is indeed more of the same, but very well done. And í agree with you, infact i would even say that a game like Skyrim has a better world then most MMO´s. There are some other games too. Which is a shame, looking at popular games like WoW these days, its clear that the focus is more on short term gratification (usualy in form of the infamous loot hamsterwheel) rather than providing an insteresting world and let the players do what they want with it.

    So Total War: Rome 2 is now worth playing? Did they fix the horrible AI?

    Happy new year Syn!

    • SynCaine says:

      Hmmm, not sure about the horrible AI, as I never found it glaringly bad, but I also never got really, really into the game the first time around either.

      In combat on Hard I find it challenging enough; can still pull off some nice wins, but nothing silly. Campaign I haven’t noticed anything off either.

      • cirdanx says:

        Sounds like they fixed it then. The AI was acting really strange when i played it after release, doing nothing, acting non logical or just doing suicide runs (attacking my stacked out army/city with 1 troop several times). There are many videos up about that subject.

        Anyway might reinstall it :)

        • SynCaine says:

          Ah yea nothing like that happens. I don’t think I’ve even seen them attack once where going in they aren’t favored (of course manually playing the battle can still result in a win), and they seem to be able to put together and use armies rather effectively.

        • TreadHead says:

          Looks like “Never buy on day one” and “Maybe wait for a sale” win again.

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